BB18, Days 94-99 And Epilogue: Nicole Beats The Odds

Recapping the last few events of the 18th season: In the last HOH competitions of the season, Paul won the first part. Nicole then won the second part Friday night, making James one of the two technical nominees. Last night, Paul won the final part, which was the annual “guess what the juror said” competition with […]

BB18, Days 88-93: Who’s The Punk?

A lot to recap in this entry, so let’s get to it. Here’s what took place in the final five stage, which concluded Monday night but didn’t air on TV until Tuesday night: Back on Day 87 (last Friday), Paul and Victor were nominated by then HOH Corey. On Day 88 (last Saturday), Nicole won […]

BB18, Days 81-82: Nicole, The Last Not Nominated

The latest facts and figures: Thursday’s ratings, due to 30 of the 32 NFL teams playing their last preseason game that night and Hurricane Hermine hitting northern and western Florida, were a mere 4.94 million viewers for the live show. Nobody is a have not this week. Natalie and James were nominated by HOH Victor […]

BB18, Days 78-80: Grand Theft Pablo, Studio City

Here’s the latest news: Wednesday’s CBS show: 6.20 million viewers. Corey’s “BB Bribe” as part of this week’s final America’s Care Package has gone to Victor. In exchange, Victor will be required to vote out Michelle. BB’s spin-off fall season now has a name. Big Brother: Over The Top will begin shortly after BB18’s finale […]

BB18, Days 76-77: Valley Of The Doll

News of the past couple of days: Ratings continue to improve after being in a slump most of the year, as the Sunday show got 6.81 million viewers, which did better than the Cincinnati-Jacksonille NFL preseason game on NBC. POV and HOH winner Nicole kept nominations the same, so either Paul or Michelle will finish […]

BB18, Days 71-73: In, Out, In Again, Out Again, In Again

In case you missed it, here’s what you missed: Wednesday’s CBS show received 6.40 million viewers, one of the highest ratings they’ve had this season. Victor was evicted 2-1. Victor then did the best among the returning jurors to win yet another return trip to the house. He’s the first contestant in show history to […]

BB18, Days 69-70: Sunday Shenanigans

Here’s the latest news: As the POV winner, Paul took himself off of the block. As the co-HOH who placed Paul up for eviction, Michelle named Corey as the replacement nominee. Either Corey or Victor will be evicted and will be the fifth participant in the jury buyback. Sunday’s ratings: 5.92 for the CBS show that went up […]