BB20, Part III: Ghosts Of Seasons Past

(State Of Play: At the conclusion of Day 17, Steve was the first evicted on a 7-6 split vote. Kaitlyn is now the new HOH. Sam still has her app store power in play, which must be used in either this, the next, or the fourth eviction cycle, Scottie and Winston are the nominees, while […]

Day 85: Rumors, Dishes, And Dirt

With tonight’s eviction decision looking like a lock, and Julia seeming to be the sixth member of the BB17 jury, I thought I’d look at the rumor mill. The big rumor this week (and the most unrealistic in my view) is that the fix is in, and that Vanessa Rousso will win the season in […]

Here We Go Again

We’re now 17 days removed from the launch of sixteenth US season of Big Brother. Never thought back in the 2000’s the show would get this far into the second decade of the 21st century, but yet here we are. Those of you who thought there would be a change in production for this season, […]

Egg On My Face

Sometimes in life, you make a judgement call, and your judgement winds up being wrong. I had one of those moments tonight, and I believe I made a mistake interpreting a statement Amanda Zuckerman had made at about 4:26pm BBT today, August 3rd. In the cockpit room talking to McCrae Olson and Aaryn Gries, it […]

He Said, She Said

So we’re now up to the 43rd Day in this debacle that has been the American version of Big Brother’s fifteenth season. Howard Overby was the fifth evicted from the house by a 7-1-0 tally (Candice Stewart, Howard’s showmance partner, was the only dissenting tally, cast by Spencer Clawson), and after a briefer than expected […]

The Victim Card

CBS once again took to a public relations offensive with the airing of the eighth episode of Big Brother and the airing of The Talk the following day, the subject matter being the ongoing racism of one Aaryn Gries. As many of you live feed watchers know, there’s only one problem with that: Aaryn is […]