BB18, Day 68: Paul Weathers The Storm

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“Jatalie” having a storage room discussion on Friday..

As always, I start with the “down low” on recent events:

  • James and Victor are the only Have Nots for the week. Michelle would have been one, but won the care package to make her co-HOH. They get to eat pies with their slop for the week.
  • Everyone but Nicole played in the POV competition, which Paul won.
  • Friday’s ratings: 5.37 million viewers.

Other than the POV, it was a rather quiet day. Paul will likely spare himself at the veto meeting on Monday. Michelle, who is the co-HOH who nominated the California apparel maker, has three options as a replacement. She can replace Paul with either Nicole, Corey, or James.

It still appears the fix is in here, and that Victor will be the one out. But with Paul now one of the three voters, and with Corey or Nicole likely the other nominee, whoever doesn’t go up between those two will vote to evict Victor. That leaves James as a likely deciding vote.

It’s been noted on social media that every time James returns from the Diary Room, he comes back with a more vigorous defense as to why Victor needs to go, and that a “good person” should win the season. I wonder what Victor has done that does not make him a so-called good person: perhaps evicting Paulie against the wishes of production, who reportedly called him “stupid” for doing so?

More in a couple of days. I didn’t watch the feeds at all yesterday, still reeling for Natalie’s revelation that “Mom and Dad” wanted her to work with Corey and Nicole.

BB18, Days 53-54: Scenarios


Julie Chen doing the robot before the live show Thursday…

All righty, folks, time to look at the latest and greatest the past couple of days.

  • Thursday show got 5.86 million viewers. I imagine with the Olympics on NBC the next couple of weeks, ratings will take a hit.
  • James won the second America’s Care Package, which included the ability to nullify two votes. There is some confusion in social media as to whether or not his nullification would be good for just the first eviction vote Thursday, or both votes.
  • Zakiyah and Michelle were nominated by Victor for eviction.
  • Corey, James, and Bridgette get to eat Corned Beef Hash and Hash Browns to go along with their slop as Have Nots this week.
  • Paulie, Nicole, and James joined Victor, Michelle, and Zakiyah in the POV competition.
  • After over 7.5 of Jeffy Loops, the house was trashed from the annual “Hide and Seek” POV contest, and Paulie walked away with yet another contest win.

Good grief. What a mess of a season this has become. Half of the house wants to coast from week to week and not put in any work, the other half are on the verge of messing things up playing too hard.

Michelle is the apparent target to go home with those minority votes pinned on her and Zak.  Meech going keeps alive the tradition of the first houseguest entering not winning that’s existed since Big Brother began in 2000. (That brings up another point: was Michelle the first to enter, or did the returnees enter first, and how do we know either possibility is true?) I think the house is tired of her crying over meaningless things, thinking she’s fat when she’s not, puking after spinning around during the most recent HOH competition, being nominated and saying Victor was mean. Getting her out seems the smart play, and I think everyone would be on board to do it.

I picked Big Meech to win, but she clearly does not have the mindset of someone who can win, and I think everyone sees that. She’s – um, not all there.

On the other hand, if you don’t want Paulie winning 106 competitions this season, there may be some good news out of his win for you. Paulie now has to either use the POV on Zakiyah to keep her safe, or not use it and risk Zak turning on her. On top of that, if Zak isn’t vetoed, could that be a false cue that she might be the one gone? With the volatility of their relationship, who knows what can change in the next few days? She could go from not being vetoed and being safe to having another spat with Paulie and being a lock to be gone Thursday.

Plus, I haven’t even gotten to the point of if Paulie does decide to use the veto, who does Victor put up? Bridgette is probably the most likely choice, but again, with Paulie being in the spot he is in, he could find a reason to pin some made-up fact on somebody and use that as the excuse to put them up for the renomination. Another play Victor could make would be to go back on his word and nominate Natalie, who would have the votes to stay, which puts Victor in danger of exiting once again.

Right now, it looks as though Paulie doesn’t want to use the veto. Even more interesting is the chance that this could lead to a conflict of interest among the “Executives” as to who goes this week. Paulie wants Zakiyah safe, but the early post-POV indications are Paul could want Zakiyah gone. If that winds up happening, those events change the game significantly heading into the Double Eviction. Paulie wouldn’t be the lead dog any longer: Paul would.

As easy as this week appears to be on the surface, this could get messy quickly, and a suddenly messy game gives everyone a fair chance at winning once again, so I’m hoping for it.

BB18, Days 39-40: Victor Beats The Odds


I liked the Battle Back belt. It was a nice added touch.

A lot to go over, so let’s get to it:

  • As you know by now, Victor won the Battle Back and re-entered the house. Jozea beat Glenn in the opening round, then Victor defeated Jozea, Bronte, and Tiffany to earn another chance at the 500K.
  • There is a puzzle for the group to now solve. The first person to find access to a “secret room” may win a hidden power. But to do so, the puzzle must be solved within the next four weeks.
  • While the feeds were off, an HOH endurance competition was held, which went over five hours. It was won by James. (Remember, no more teams, so he’s the only one safe.)
  • James then nominated Frank and Bridgette. (Remember, it’s just two nominees from here on out.)
  • Da’Vonne, Michelle, and Nicole were drawn to play in POV, along with James, Frank, and Bridgette.
  • The POV contest itself didn’t start until almost 9pm BBT due to excessive heat warnings and/or bad air quality due to brush fires just north of Studio City. When it finally began, Michelle won the annual OTEV-themed competition.

It’s been a frustrating couple of days to be a BB fan. The nearly 30-hour feed outage, that was a given to attempt to give the Battle Back show a big rating (which wasn’t all that great: 5.28 million, check #BB18ratings for ratings updates), but it also turned out we missed out on a long endurance HOH contest. That will likely be condensed into about 15 minutes worth of TV show footage. But hey, that’s been par for the course from CBS and production the last couple of seasons: to NOT give us what we pay for.

James’s picks being Frank and Bridgette were a bit of a surprise to me, but if you watched last year, you know that when James is HOH, his decisions are not thought out all too well. I’m sure, as he did last year, that he will rationalize that on this show, you can bounce checks. The move would have made sense if the couples were closely aligned. While I think things could still go that direction, they are not there yet. It just seemed to be a move to protect his “showmance” partner Natalie, and she might wind up getting put in the line of fire because of it.

Frank seemed to think at first that he wasn’t the target. Guess what, bud? You are. With POV won by Big Meech, his only chance is to get to work finding clues to the secret room. Otherwise, he is done. Meanwhile, Michelle whooped it up after her POV win like she and her buddies had won the Super Bowl, or at least clinched a divisional title in Major League Baseball.

Random thought: if Paulie isn’t taken down in July or August, he may just win it all in September.

The season is trying to find a new gear now that Battle Back is (for now) gone, and they hope that this “hidden room, secret power” jazz will keep interest as the Olympics on NBC draw closer. Personally, the next few weeks will be good TV, or (the more likely result) the season turns into a total train wreck.

For now, it looks like Frank will go, not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Day 60: Medication Time!

Liz holding up her POV medal as Austin looks on...

Liz holding up her POV medal as Austin looks on…

Yesterday was a strange mix of anticipation for the POV contest (amid a heat wave gripping the Southwest US presently, temps over 100 yesterday in Los Angeles) and shenanigans, but very little has changed in the past 24 hours. It just seems a sense of finality has set in that either John or Becky will be leaving us in four days.

Liz captured the yearly rough and tumble OTEV POV competition, beating Austin in the final heat. It was only the second time this year a HOH has been able to consolidate power, with James doing it a couple of weeks back. Liz will likely leave nominations as is.

But with Vanessa in the house, one never knows. I made a bold prediction on Twitter Friday night (which I’m sticking to for at least the next 24 hours) that despite Austin and the twins wanting to keep Van safe this week, she might do something to push her group over the edge, like we saw four weeks ago when a conversation between Clay and Audrey turned into a crusade to get Audrey out the door that Sunday afternoon.

It’s one of those occasions that even the time Vanessa takes her ADD meds could be critical to her staying, unintentionally. If she hears the wrong words at the wrong time, she’s liable to go off in a tizzy that could end her stay in the house. The only thing missing from this happening is a catalyst, like Steve telling Austin and the twins that Vanessa will be gunning for them in future weeks.

The target now appears to be Becky, but watch for Vanessa to make a push to get Johnny Mac to leave, which is why I think the “Austwins” would be better off getting Vanessa out now. She talks about being loyal while never being loyal to the people she’s supposedly aligned with. The other side (James/John/Meg/Becky) can’t negotiate for Vanessa to be backdoored because they are powerless, and they can’t threaten putting the other side of the house on the block because they’d do that anyway regardless.

It should be a quiet Sunday, but keep an eye on Vanessa when she talks game, as she might talk herself right on to the hot seat.

The Great White Whale

Kaitlin Barnaby and Jeremy McGuire are poolside on July 4th.

Kaitlin Barnaby and Jeremy McGuire are poolside on July 4th.

Finally, I get to do a blog about what’s going on IN the house and not the furor going on outside of the house.

Although it should be pointed out that another houseguest is now under fire for his racist comments, and such comments are not going away anytime soon to this day. And again, I cannot take the controversy seriously until a sponsor withdraws their advertising from the TV shows, but should that happen, the series may begin to take on water.

Funny how we watch a reality show, yet when people get real, we all are up in arms.

Aaryn Gries and her HOH reign was allowed to stand. BB14 winner Ian Terry gave an interesting explanation of Twitter about the contest Wednesday night worth mentioning here. He explained that before competitions, the houseguests get the rules in much greater detail, whereas on the live show host Julie Chen may not have the time to explain the rules clearly. Thanks, Ian. And as to my complaints on Friday about the contest, to quote the late Gilda Radner: never mind. Let’s move on, shall we?

As the 16th day winds down to a close, the universe that is the fifteenth season of Big Brother still revolves around Elissa Slater. Slater is not only once again the MVP holder, she has been nominated a second time in as many weeks. And as time is moving along, the odds of Slater’s ouster from the house seem to be improving. She nominated Jeremy McGuire, he who wiped Elissa’s hat in his ass a few days ago, but McGuire turned around and won the Power Of Veto competition today. Under the new MVP rules, if the MVP’s nominee is taken down, the MVP and not the HOH holder names the replacement nominee in secret.

So now, Slater has to make a critical decision as to who to replace McGuire with. The most likely play would be to replace McGuire with his in-house gal pal Kaitlin Barnaby. If Slater makes that play, she may get by yet again this week. But unless she gets some firm allies quickly or wins HOH in week three, her days are numbered, MVP powers or no.

With the “brat pack” of McGuire, Barnaby, and Gries with Ginamarie Zimmerman and perhaps the floundering sexpot Jessie Kowalski in tow, their sole mission at this point is to end the stay of Elissa Slater. It’s gotten to the point that, much like the Herman Melville novel Moby Dick, it has become their great white while. What the “brat pack” fail to realize that who they nominated was a moot point with Elissa holding the MVP. But in my opinion, Slater can’t keep getting nominated forever and continue to have hope of surviving.

How the game will go from here on out, who knows.