BB18, Day 68: Paul Weathers The Storm

As always, I start with the “down low” on recent events: James and Victor are the only Have Nots for the week. Michelle would have been one, but won the care package to make her co-HOH. They get to eat pies with their slop for the week. Everyone but Nicole played in the POV competition, […]

BB18, Days 53-54: Scenarios

All righty, folks, time to look at the latest and greatest the past couple of days. Thursday show got 5.86 million viewers. I imagine with the Olympics on NBC the next couple of weeks, ratings will take a hit. James won the second America’s Care Package, which included the ability to nullify two votes. There […]

BB18, Days 39-40: Victor Beats The Odds

A lot to go over, so let’s get to it: As you know by now, Victor won the Battle Back and re-entered the house. Jozea beat Glenn in the opening round, then Victor defeated Jozea, Bronte, and Tiffany to earn another chance at the 500K. There is a puzzle for the group to now solve. […]

Day 60: Medication Time!

Yesterday was a strange mix of anticipation for the POV contest (amid a heat wave gripping the Southwest US presently, temps over 100 yesterday in Los Angeles) and shenanigans, but very little has changed in the past 24 hours. It just seems a sense of finality has set in that either John or Becky will […]

The Great White Whale

Finally, I get to do a blog about what’s going on IN the house and not the furor going on outside of the house. Although it should be pointed out that another houseguest is now under fire for his racist comments, and such comments are not going away anytime soon to this day. And again, […]