BB18, Days 83-87: Screw Your Neighbor


The “Jatalie” showmance/friendship came to an end last night.

The facts and figures as of today were as follows:

  • Ratings: The show pulled in 5.15 million viewers Sunday (up against a wild Notre Dame-Texas shootout on ABC to open each team’s season). Wednesday’s show did better, getting 5.97 million.
  • On Monday (Day 83), Corey did not use his veto, locking the possible evictees in as either being James or Natalie.
  • On Thursday (Day 86), Natalie was evicted 3-0 to finish 6th.
  • The HOH competition was still going on as the show left the air. Later, Corey won the annual “fill a bowl walking on a slippery surface” comp to win his 2nd HOH.

Boredom continued to reign supreme in the house. First, the gang got dominoes, then production had the better idea of giving the six remaining contestants cards to play with. They played the usual games such as Poker, the appropriately named B***s**t, and Gin Rummy, passing along the time. Everyone seems to know everyone else’s strategy, so there’s very little left to talk about.

Last night was the first of three evictions in six days, and by next Wednesday, this year’s game will be down to the final three who will survive until the first-ever 99th day in show history, which will also be the last day of the season. James and Nicole already have moved into second and third place, respectively, in terms of spending the most days in the house in BB history. In fact, if James makes it to the final three, he will tie Janelle Pierzina’s record of being in the house for 177 days, despite only being on for two seasons to Janelle’s three.

As stated previously, Nicole could be the first contestant ever not to be nominated at all, should no one put her up in the final five, then the final four, then if she wins the last HOH competition on September 21st. She could also do all of that, and only win $50,000. Victor could be the first houseguest ever to be evicted to come back and win, not to mention the first houseguest evicted twice to win.

That’s the one thing the end of the season has going for it as it winds down: we may see things that have never been seen on this particular reality show before. It may be the only thing keeping viewers from abandoning ship in droves.

I’ll be back on Thursday the 15th with more.

BB18, Days 81-82: Nicole, The Last Not Nominated


@89razorskate20 caught this on one of the screens Friday. Seems production is already mailing it in…

The latest facts and figures:

  • Thursday’s ratings, due to 30 of the 32 NFL teams playing their last preseason game that night and Hurricane Hermine hitting northern and western Florida, were a mere 4.94 million viewers for the live show.
  • Nobody is a have not this week.
  • Natalie and James were nominated by HOH Victor this week. It was the first nomination for James, which makes Nicole the last un-nominated contestant this season.
  • With six houseguests left, everyone plays in the last three POV competitions.
  • Corey won the POV competition.

The dullness on the feeds drags on. Hate to say it, but I’d be lying if I said this was a riveting season. It feels a lot like a 99 day advertisement for the digital season starting a few weeks.

Congratulations to Nicole for being the last houseguest standing yet to be nominated. She will get to at least the 83rd day (the day of the POV meeting) before that can happen at the earliest. It is still possible she could be the first houseguest in show history to never to be nominated, not even by default in the final three, as Derrick, BB3’s Danielle and Jason were. But unless Corey and Nicole can win each of the last three HOH’s, I think it’s highly unlikely that someone won’t put her up before the end of the season.

Who had Nicole being the last not nominated houseguest this season? A show of hands, please. Nope, my hand’s not raised.

Looking like James will go on Thursday. If he wins veto, I think Natalie goes out. Pretty simple, that was until Nicole starting screeching about evicting Natalie the past 24 hours or so. But hey, she’s America’s sweetheart, right? It would also be further proof of possible pre-season collusion between Nicole of James, wouldn’t it.

Anyway, time to pee on the fire that is this blog entry. Due to the Labor Day holiday, I’ll be back on Friday with more stuff. The only things than can save this season is Corey evicting Nicole, or Paul winning. Neither look like likely events at this point.


BB18, Days 78-80: Grand Theft Pablo, Studio City

2016-08-31-19.22.42-Cam 3

Corey looking amorous, Nicole looking uncomfortable…

Here’s the latest news:

  • Wednesday’s CBS show: 6.20 million viewers.
  • Corey’s “BB Bribe” as part of this week’s final America’s Care Package has gone to Victor. In exchange, Victor will be required to vote out Michelle.
  • BB’s spin-off fall season now has a name. Big Brother: Over The Top will begin shortly after BB18’s finale on September 21st and will have a few new “bells and whistles” to it. The biggest wrinkles being that all competitions scheduled to take place live, and that the winner will win $250,000, not $500,000.
  • Michelle was evicted 3-2 when, as HOH, Nicole was needed to break a 2-2 tie. Victor and Corey voted Michelle, James and Natalie voted out Paul.
  • Victor won HOH in the annual “move eggs around a chicken wire” competition.

First, some thoughts about the fall season: I’m not impressed. The reasons why I won’t be blogging about it this fall were well defined by yesterday’s roll-out: it isn’t truly Big Brother with a lower prize and more interactive opportunities. While they do throw us the bone of letting us watch comps, the increased interaction only will increase production’s interference. It will be an all new cast, but hell, that’s what the show SHOULD be doing. Thus, I think BBOTT it’s a Trojan horse.

The show continues to do well in the ratings, probably due to the showmances. But, if you watch the live feeds, each relationship has significant chinks in its armor. I don’t expect either couple to last in the outside world too long.

Michelle went out with a bang, but you all knew she would, right? It gave Nicole the chance to play “avenging angel” but couldn’t even do that well, quickly playing the victim card once more, as that’s all she seems to know. If Big Meech had waited a few years to do the show, I have no doubt she would have been a legend. Her lack of filter and blindness at times to what was going on around her made her very entertaining in the house. I also don’t think production liked her all that much, so I wouldn’t count on a return in a future season, and that was before she had to be bleeped on the way out the door.

James threw the HOH comp that Victor won, which made no sense because he’s going to need to win something outside of endurance sooner or later. Natalie then promised to used the veto on him if they’re on the block together, so their collective game is a comedy of errors.

I’ll be back with more on Sunday. Right now, I have to keep watching and make sure this lady named Hermine is totally evicted from the Gulf of Mexico.

BB18, Days 71-73: In, Out, In Again, Out Again, In Again

2016-08-24-11.34.51-Cam 5

A random quad from Day 71…

In case you missed it, here’s what you missed:

  • Wednesday’s CBS show received 6.40 million viewers, one of the highest ratings they’ve had this season.
  • Victor was evicted 2-1.
  • Victor then did the best among the returning jurors to win yet another return trip to the house. He’s the first contestant in show history to return twice within a season.
  • Nicole won HOH for the 2nd time this season.

The past three days leading up to the eviction and revival of one of the houseguests have been one of the more dullest stretches outside of the final week of a season that I can remember in the five seasons I’ve been doing this blog. There was a total lack of mystique surrounding the eviction itself, as everyone’s position was quite clear leading up to the vote, despite the theatrics on Wednesday. At least with the return of Victor (again!) there were nothing but questions and…dare I say…scenarios for us to figure out.

Going into the live show, the battle lines were clearly drawn. Whoever did return wasn’t going to change group dynamics all that much, or so I thought. It was still going to be the couples (Nicole, James, Natalie, and Corey) against the uncoupled (Paul, Michelle, and whoever came back) probably to the point where one side was vanquished. The odds would favor against either side pulling off a clean sweep, or the uncoupled side getting rid of the couples without taking a few casualties.

Right before the live show began, I found myself asking a significant question, which was, “Why do I care?” The revelations of production deciding that the James/Natalie showmance should work with the Nicole/Corey pairing, then the word of James and Nicole each wanting to bribe the houseguests to ensure a better standing in the game, I can’t lie and say that hasn’t changed my opinion on why I should care. So, I missed the live show, on purpose. Guess you could say it was a boycott of sorts.

But since I have started covering this season, I should probably finish doing so. I have no intentions on covering the online fall season, and I’ll have to think about whether or not I continue to do this when June of 2017 comes around. Until then, I’ll be back Sunday with more stuff.

BB18, Day 67: Dear Old Mom And Dad

2016-08-19-12.34.21-Cam 5.png

Scenes on the feeds as Michelle won her care package on Day 66…

The events that took place yesterday:

  • Ratings: 5.37 million viewers Thursday night. I’ll have Friday night’s numbers in tomorrow’s post.
  • Michelle won America’s Care Package, making her and Natalie co-HOH’s. They each get to make one nomination a piece.
  • Paul and Victor are the nominees.

It was pretty much a quiet 66th day in the house for the most part, though I wondered why all of a sudden Natalie and James wanted to work with Nicole and Corey when they appeared done for with Paulie’s eviction. It looked like my “prophecy” of a couples versus the uncoupled of a few weeks ago had come to fruition.

Then, around 2:00pm BBT, it became crystal clear what had happened. Production had intervened, wanting Natalie to work with the “Nicorey” couple. Natalie referred to production as “Mom” and “Dad” when speaking to Nicole in the storage room around that time.

Like I said in the tweet, I wasn’t all that surprised. It is their show, they can do what they want with it. I have posted show ratings in almost every blog this season, as the show’s been losing ratings four seasons in a row, and now, likely a fifth with viewership going past the 6 million mark only a few times this year.

My guess is they want a woman to win for the first time since Rachel won BB13 in 2011, and a Nicole/Natalie partnership is their best bet at getting it. Plus, in one of the pieces of the live show, Brendon (BB12/13 contestant) wondered why Nicole and James, the two remaining veterans, weren’t working together. Now, with prodding with production, they are.

It’s not the first controversy to hit the show, and won’t be their last dance at this rodeo. Though you have to wonder what will be that one controversy that does them in, and how many more they will able to survive. Can’t help but wonder when their “Don Imus” moment will come.

Back on the feeds, Paul raised a stink after nominations about going up on the block, which might make him the target this week as opposed to Victor, perhaps as a message to the Battle Back to “play ball” with production, I’d guess. He fought with Natalie, then Nicole last night, arguing over whether or not he’s a manipulator.

Remember, whoever goes this week will be the fifth person in the jury buyback competition on Thursday, so they still have a chance to get back in the fray.

More tomorrow.

BB18, Days 62-63: Secret Agent Man


If you missed the past couple of days, I have to be honest that you didn’t miss much.

  • Sunday’s show, which captured most of the maneuvering leading up to the double eviction, got 5.71 million viewers.
  • In the house, POV winner Victor kept nominations as they were, so either Paulie or Corey go to the jury Thursday, unless they have that round trip ticket, which has a 1 in 8 chance of being the case.

Paulie is still moping around the house as he has been recently. He threatened not to do the punishment of baking apple pies per the POV contest stipulations, which he has since done. He’s also threatened to walk of of his jury duty, and I’m sure production will change his mind out of doing that too. He squawking about having to campaign against Corey Sunday, which tells me with his logic that he’ll do exactly that these next two days.

The “James And Natalie Show” waffles on, with Natalie having a bit of a snit on Sunday afternoon. I do think Paulie has a bit of a point (yep, I actually agree with him on something) that Natalie might be playing James for in-house safety. Boob job innuendo aside, she did fib about having a relationship in play outside of the house. Logically, you have to ask what else has she been deceptive about, or is deceiving the house about.

For once, the post-POV meeting fare wasn’t dreadfully dull, as the group got a Ziggy Marley (the son of reggae legend Bob Marley) concert. Prizes were won in this “county fair” they also got, but with feeds cutting in and out whenever the houseguests mentioned their respective winnings, I’ll wait for the next post to try and clear it all up, as it will probably air on the extra Friday show on CBS. It sounded like Michelle won the chance to see Ziggy outside of the house, so she may have wear wigs and blindfolds if the trip takes place these next few days.

The next blog entry will be Friday, sooner if anything develops, as always.



BB18, Day 59: A Big Break For Big Meech

2016-08-11-01.46.21-Cam 5

Scenes from the house meeting in the wee hours of Day 58.

Well, let’s get you all caught up:

  • Wednesday’s CBS ratings: 5.90 million viewers, impressive against the Olympics on NBC.
  • In the first eviction, James nullified Corey and Paul’s vote. Zakiyah was voted out 3-2. James, Bridgette, and Natalie voted out Zakiyah, while Paulie and Nicole voted to evict Michelle.
  • Corey won HOH for the 1st time to start the double eviction stage.
  • He then put Michelle and Bridgette up for eviction.
  • Corey then won the POV contest, and left the nominations as they were.
  • In a surprise move, Bridgette was voted out 5-1. Only Natalie voted to evict Michelle.
  • Neither Zakiyah or Bridgette had the round-trip ticket, and there’s only one more eviction that will take place before the twist is voided.
  • Coincidentally (I think), CBS has a special Friday show on August 19th.
  • Another HOH competition was held, with Victor getting to keep his HOH room by winning a 2nd time.

As I begin to write this entry on Thursday night, I’m stunned that Paulie and “Nicorey” had Meech dead to rights, and yet they kept her in the house! Here was my reaction on Twitter when it happened:

It reminded me of the break Ian Terry caught on BB14 when Dan Gheesling blindsided Shane Meaney, sending him out in 4th place. That break allowed Ian to win the season, and I just so happened to pick Michelle to win this season. If she wins the “super safety” later today, she gets a free pass for two weeks into likely the final six, if not seven.

Michelle called Nicole a “snake” right before the 2nd eviction vote on live TV, and that led to a back and forth right after the feeds came back,  Paulie, still in the house (I didn’t think he’d go THAT easily) equated feminism to racism on the feeds before the live show speaking to the now-departed Bridgette (2:08pm on feeds 1/2 on August 11th). Then, as soon as the feeds came back just after 7pm BBT, Paulie rambles on about how his girl cousins would “beat the s***” out of Bridgette and Michelle.

And then, after all of that, something remarkable happened. People talked, people listened, people apologized. The ugliness abated, almost as if the group as a whole got tired of fighting all at once. Everyone respected one another for that brief hour or so before the next HOH competition began.

Once that comp ended, and Victor (again) wound up winning, they got back to the business of playing the game. Paul and Vic have big plans, with the early targets being Corey and Paulie. If that winds up happening, it’s a very smart move, as they have now both proven to be competitive threats.

Despite Paulie’s damage control, and the reprieve he got during the double eviction, he’s still in serious trouble. It’s going to be another interesting week.