BB18, Days 81-82: Nicole, The Last Not Nominated

The latest facts and figures: Thursday’s ratings, due to 30 of the 32 NFL teams playing their last preseason game that night and Hurricane Hermine hitting northern and western Florida, were a mere 4.94 million viewers for the live show. Nobody is a have not this week. Natalie and James were nominated by HOH Victor […]

BB18, Days 76-77: Valley Of The Doll

News of the past couple of days: Ratings continue to improve after being in a slump most of the year, as the Sunday show got 6.81 million viewers, which did better than the Cincinnati-Jacksonille NFL preseason game on NBC. POV and HOH winner Nicole kept nominations the same, so either Paul or Michelle will finish […]

BB18, Days 14-15: Jozea, Can’t You See?

It’s still a bit boring inside the house. To me, it’s like Interstate 10 between San Antonio and El Paso. Not a lot to see, but a seemingly infinite amount of time to see it. I think Jozea has at least seven votes to go home, possibly more by the time the live show comes […]