BB18, Days 81-82: Nicole, The Last Not Nominated


@89razorskate20 caught this on one of the screens Friday. Seems production is already mailing it in…

The latest facts and figures:

  • Thursday’s ratings, due to 30 of the 32 NFL teams playing their last preseason game that night and Hurricane Hermine hitting northern and western Florida, were a mere 4.94 million viewers for the live show.
  • Nobody is a have not this week.
  • Natalie and James were nominated by HOH Victor this week. It was the first nomination for James, which makes Nicole the last un-nominated contestant this season.
  • With six houseguests left, everyone plays in the last three POV competitions.
  • Corey won the POV competition.

The dullness on the feeds drags on. Hate to say it, but I’d be lying if I said this was a riveting season. It feels a lot like a 99 day advertisement for the digital season starting a few weeks.

Congratulations to Nicole for being the last houseguest standing yet to be nominated. She will get to at least the 83rd day (the day of the POV meeting) before that can happen at the earliest. It is still possible she could be the first houseguest in show history to never to be nominated, not even by default in the final three, as Derrick, BB3’s Danielle and Jason were. But unless Corey and Nicole can win each of the last three HOH’s, I think it’s highly unlikely that someone won’t put her up before the end of the season.

Who had Nicole being the last not nominated houseguest this season? A show of hands, please. Nope, my hand’s not raised.

Looking like James will go on Thursday. If he wins veto, I think Natalie goes out. Pretty simple, that was until Nicole starting screeching about evicting Natalie the past 24 hours or so. But hey, she’s America’s sweetheart, right? It would also be further proof of possible pre-season collusion between Nicole of James, wouldn’t it.

Anyway, time to pee on the fire that is this blog entry. Due to the Labor Day holiday, I’ll be back on Friday with more stuff. The only things than can save this season is Corey evicting Nicole, or Paul winning. Neither look like likely events at this point.


BB18, Days 76-77: Valley Of The Doll


A female sex doll was dropped into the house by drone on Sunday afternoon, and that’s what was written on its belly. I have no idea what it means.

News of the past couple of days:

  • Ratings continue to improve after being in a slump most of the year, as the Sunday show got 6.81 million viewers, which did better than the Cincinnati-Jacksonille NFL preseason game on NBC.
  • POV and HOH winner Nicole kept nominations the same, so either Paul or Michelle will finish in 7th place on Thursday night on the 79th day.

The biggest event in the house these past couple of the days was the unplanned visit of a drone, dropping a sex doll into the house. Everyone speculated what it all meant, with several houseguests coming up with all kinds of different possible answers and perceptions.

We’ve sunk pretty far when that serves as excitement.

Michelle looks done for, and I don’t think there will be an 11th hour miracle to save her as was the case during the double eviction a few weeks ago. Nicole keeping Victor around, a proven competitions winner, is in my mind a big mistake. Then again, Nicole was never going to be known as a great in-game tactician.

The ratings continue to rise over the past week. The show will probably average downward from the 6.18 they had last year, but not the 5.5 I predicted early this season. Could the boost in ratings be due to 4 of the 7 survivors (and soon 4 of the 6) are so-called “couples” in the house? Bold prediction: the fall BB spin-off will be couples related, ala BB9 in 2008. Why? CBS loves to spin new seasons as something new, when in fact it’s just a different spin of stuff we’ve seen before. It’s what they do.

Back Friday with more, sooner in the unlikely event things change dramatically, though I don’t see that happening. Let’s put it this way: this season can’t end fast enough for me.

BB18, Days 14-15: Jozea, Can’t You See?


Jozea is in a league of his own delusion. Even wore a towel as a cape over the weekend.

It’s still a bit boring inside the house. To me, it’s like Interstate 10 between San Antonio and El Paso. Not a lot to see, but a seemingly infinite amount of time to see it.

I think Jozea has at least seven votes to go home, possibly more by the time the live show comes around. I can envision scenarios where the remaining four votes go to Paulie, Bridgette, or split among the two. (During BB15 and their MVP twist, three HG’s were nominated, but at least one of the nominees on the block would get no votes, and twice the vote was unanimous.)

Much like Joey Van Pelt a couple of years ago, Jozea (and his delusions) is feeds gold, and we will miss him when he’s gone, no doubt. Enjoy him while you can, but…might we see him again? It is widely been reported that Glenn did NOT go home when he was evicted by competition, so it seems like the show may have designs of bringing back a houseguest before the jury phase, something we haven’t seen since BB13. It’s another element of the show I’m not a fan of (outside of Amy’s resurrection on BB3 to evict the cocky Chiara), but it must be a popular element, because they always go back to it.

Where the game goes forward is where the fun starts, with the HOH competition playing out on the live show. I’m going to take a wild guess that the comp will revolve around the team concept somehow, and the winning team will have to decide who wears the crown. But I could be wrong about that.

Ratings have not been good in the early going, with the last two of three episodes on CBS doing below the seasonal average last year of 6.18 million viewers. With the show in the last year of a two-year deal, it’s something worth keeping an eye on. I highly doubt this will wind up being BB’s last season, as I could easily see it moving to another network if the Eye Network no longer wants it. FOX has had so many Big Brother imitation shows over the years, I could easily see it winding up there, for example. With the show a cash cow for the CBSAA apps over a variety of devices, I highly doubt CBS would let this property go to another network, especially with the significant other of Les Moonves hosting the show.

Tuesday night’s events on the live feeds made me wonder how soon it will be before this first alliance of eight, and the “Fatal Five” alliance within the alliance, will all come crumbling down. Between Nicole’s insecurities and hidden cattiness and Da’Vonne mishandling key information (and perhaps the hidden agenda of wanting to take James out), it makes me wonder when the claws will come out. Tiffany handled the problem with much more grace than her sister probably would have, using Vanessa’s interrogation techniques that would make the CIA proud to get to the heart of the matter.

Later on in the night, Bronte made the bone-headed move of giving some of the other women dirty looks, which did not go unnoticed by Da’Vonne and Zakiyah. They reported it back to other members of the “Fatal Five” alliance, so should they control HOH, Bronte’s days may be numbered. But with many possible moves, I suppose that’s not set it stone.

The night’s feed watching (at least for me) wound down with the house getting its 3rd booze delivery in 4 days, which prompted the drinking game of “Never Have I Ever” where if anyone playing did the deeds the speaker had never done, they had to take a swig of wine.

Now a couple days closer to eviction, tensions seem to have ratcheted up. I’ll be back with more tomorrow, as I sense there will be some stuff to talk about.