CBBUS, Epligoue: Redeemed

It was a show that made history in that it was the first celebrity Big Brother held here in the United States, and it ended as it began – with history again made with the oldest winner in BB US history in Marissa Jaret Winkour. The 45-year-old Broadway actress did the seemingly unthinkable going into […]

CBBUS, Part IV: Anticipation

The past seven days in the Big Brother house have been more about what is to come then it has been what has come to pass. We have our first ever final day final five that will be whittled down to a champion tomorrow night, and we had another deserter last Monday in the departure of […]

CBBUS, Part III: Responsibilities

The 19th-century writer Charles Dickens might have loved Big Brother, for this show and this season seems to be the best of times and the worst of times. We are simultaneously mindful of the machinations of these houseguests as if they were pieces on a chessboard, held in place by the consequences and the possibilities each […]

CBBUS, Part II: Resurrected

The show is now fully underway, having now aired three episodes on CBS and eliminating it’s first houseguest in Chuck Liddell (7-1 was the vote tally) last night. The eviction cycles will be fast and furious over these remaining two weeks and change, so I’ll implore you all to go visit Hamsterwatch for the vital […]

CBBUS, Part I: Let The Show Begin

Taping began on Wednesday (January 31st) for the 21st Big Brother season (19 civilian seasons, one “over the top” civilian season, and now one celebrity season) here in the United States, though most fans and followers won’t learn any of the results therein until the show debuts on February 7th. For a season that lasts […]

BB19, Part V: Stay Of Execution?

We’re now past the halfway point of the 19th season of Big Brother, but yet 11 of the 17 are still playing, still holding on to their chance at a $500,000 payday in 38 days. It’s an unusual season where the fan base continues to shift between the favorites, and if your favorite is hated, […]