BB19, Part VI: Abandon Ship!


Okay BB, you win. I give up.

I gave up on the night of Day 58, right after the double eviction when Julie Chen teased the coming attractions. She said new Temptations would be added to the game, this coming a few weeks after saying the Halting Hex was going to be the last one. It was when I heard there were going to be new Temptation related twists that I realized I shouldn’t continue watching this season. The last time I felt this way was during BB9 in the spring of 2008. Ten seasons later, I’ve come full circle. It just feels to me that they’re trying to overcompensate for a cast that plays very passively, and targets “victims” with a mob mentality, as if this was a cult from the 1960’s.

This is not an indictment of how the game is going, though it might as well be with HOH after HOH not doing what’s good for their game, but doing what seems to be best for Paul Abrahamian. Cody Nickson and Elena Davies were the latest casualties, all falling when Paul calls for it. They can choose to play the game as they damn well please, and they should. Is Paul just playing a game beyond brilliance here? I don’t think so, considering they gave him a few built-in advantages.

In fact, I don’t see Paul winning the season, though, with him lasting to Day 79 to break the record for most days ever spent in the house a much more likely possibility. He should wind up winning, as he’s laps ahead of the field at this juncture, just as Derrick Levasseur was three years ago. I still think that someone near the end makes the move to take him out, and I’m shocked it hasn’t been more than thought about or talked about as of yet. People forget Cody Calafiore should have knocked Derrick when he had the chance, making a critical error. If Paul is in the final three and is not an HOH, I don’t see even this cast making a similar faux pas, as hard as that is to currently believe.

Even several former houseguests couldn’t contain themselves Thursday night as to what a stinker the season has become, and this was just one of many.

So, I’ll be back on September 24th to wrap this season up. Sporadic tweets between now and then.


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