BB19, Part V: Stay Of Execution?

Raven Walton (pinkish dress) gets a poke from Jessica Graf (checkered pants) while Matthew Clines looks on.

We’re now past the halfway point of the 19th season of Big Brother, but yet 11 of the 17 are still playing, still holding on to their chance at a $500,000 payday in 38 days. It’s an unusual season where the fan base continues to shift between the favorites, and if your favorite is hated, hang around: he or she might be liked in a week or so.

With Jessica Graf using her Halting Hex on the 44th day, the group as a whole vowed to eliminate her next, which they successfully accomplished on the 51st day. I found her unique and entertaining, unlike many of the others who have ridden Paul Abrahamian’s coat tails since the game began. If she had played the game beyond the personal level and saw that there was a strategic element to all of this, she would have been a legendary player. But alas, she played personally, getting into verbal altercations with Josh Martinez repeatedly when Martinez wanted Elena Davies out. Instead of Josh making a strategic execution, he reluctantly claimed the scalp of a personal rival.

I said a couple of weeks ago the game would eventually get good. It would have to just by attrition and the overall fatigue of the game wore on. Now the house is united to get rid of Cody Nickson once again, but several houseguests are already looking ahead as to whom should go out the door after him, assuming the ex-Marine is the next gone. Unbeknownst to the group presently, the 58th day will knock out two more with the season’s first (and possibly the only) double eviction. We also know that there will be no jury buyback this season, the first time since BB14 in 2012 that this won’t be occurring. I think we’ll eventually see the cut-throat play that we look for, which means Paul should have less success micromanaging the group as he has had thus far.

Just as the group had Jess dead to rights from last Saturday onward, it looked for all the world as if they found themselves in the same position this week with Alex Ow once again Head of Household. Once Cody had lost the HOH and Temptation competitions, the odds were stacked against him, and when he wasn’t drawn to play in the veto competition, the only thing that could save him is if Matthew Clines (the default nominee for finishing last in the Temptation comp) won the POV and saved himself.

As fate would have it, that’s exactly what wound up happening, as Matt did indeed win the annual “prizes and punishments” POV competition. If he saves himself, either Jason Dent or Elena Davies will be the next evicted come Thursday (most likely Elena would get the boot). and Cody will be safe until the final 10. If Matt takes the rare step and saves either Jason or Elena, Alex will get to pick a replacement nominee, which very likely would be Cody.

It’s going to be an interesting next couple of weeks until I write about the season again on Day 68, but that’s what I said last week. I can’t be wrong forever, right?



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