BB19, Special Comment: Judgement Night

I wasn't planning on doing another commentary until August 13th, but occasionally things change.

That whole bullying episode with Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf against the other ten members of the house stirred up some things in me that I feel is worth mentioning sooner rather than later. If I wait a couple of weeks to get this out, it'll lose its importance, so here it goes.

One, Cody and Jess are not innocents here. Cody's comments about Josh Martinez being a sexual predator were in poor taste. So was Jessica's attempts at being an amateur nurse by sticking fingers up the anuses of other houseguests. Let's not forget that.

Two, the overreaction led by Paul Abrahamian when Jessica told him she plans to use the Hex was also out of line. It's fine to have opinions and expressing yourself strongly. Making someone self-evict, I'm not okay with.

Thirdly, if self-eviction is used as a strategy by other houseguests, then those houseguests should be given such a chance without contractual penalty. At one point, I hoped "Jody" would leave out of interest for their own safety, they were being harassed that badly. As I've said previously, Production should sequester alternates in the event contestants choose to quit. This game isn't for everybody, if it were, we'd have four seasons a year.

All in all, a bad night for the show. They'll have better nights. They almost have to.


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