BB19, Part IV: Wasted Days And Wasted Nights

A cartoon rendering of Raven Walton as seen on Reddit.  Apologies for not remembering who drew it.

Things are getting more interesting in Big Brotherland, and much like our current President’s administration, it seems every day recently has brought its own series of adventures and crises.

In the past two weeks, Dominique Cooper and Ramses Soto have been evicted. Cooper, Jillian Parker, and Cameron Heard were all eliminated in the Battle Back competition. Cody Nickson squared off with Paul Abrahamian in the finale of the buyback, with Nickson winning the right to re-enter sometime between Days 30 and 31. The revamped Battle Back format (no longer a stepladder tournament but a prelim round with four, a semi-final round with the top two, and a champ vs. house picked rep in the final) and the selection of competitions seemed to favor Nickson, so production seems to be looking to get a prolonged feud between Cody and the BB18 runner-up.

Paul continues to get advantages in the game in other ways, with the whole house seemingly wrapped around his finger for the time being. He systemically destroyed Dominique’s game to where she was unanimously evicted. He even threatened to appear at the POV meeting on Day 27 in blackface, drawing the ire of many fans and getting some airtime from TMZ. What I think will become clearer as Paul eventually wears out his welcome in the house is that he doesn’t seem to have issues with race inasmuch as he does with women. Eventually, I think that will be his downfall in this game, as he continues to micromanage everyone like a crazed Scientologist. Much like Paulie Califiore last year and Neda Kalantar on this season’s Canadian Big Brother, I could see him running out of gas or falling prey to a quick reshuffling of house alliances.

Another morsel of evidence as to how Paul is being protected: last week, Jessica Graf won the last of the three Temptations in the game, the Halting Hex. For accepting it (like Graf wasn’t going to accept it), a curse entered the game of a Temptation competition, lasting this week and the next two weeks for anyone choosing to take part, except for whoever the HOH is. The winner would be safe, the loser would be up on the block as a third nominee. It is somewhat reminiscent of BB15’s MVP and BB18’s Roadkill competition, and I think such a twist skews the balance of power towards big alliances and strong competitors.

As fate would have it, Paul became the first houseguest to win a second HOH reign (though it feels like he’s already had several) on Day 37. The following day, all hell broke loose for a while when Paul put Cody and Jessica on the block once again, along with Temptation comp loser Jason Dent. Arguments between numerous parties ensued, including a renewal of hostilities between Mark Jansen and Josh Martinez. Jansen, who threw pickle juice at Martinez a couple of weeks back, charged at the Miami native when he incessantly banged on pots and pans, making Martinez quickly cower in fear. Both were warned by production for their actions, Martinez more so for constantly trying to pick the fight, but curiously nothing else came of it. I have to wonder out loud if Megan wasn’t out of the game by non-evicted means, would Mark or Josh still be around?

Yesterday brought a POV competition that seemed similar to one Paul won last year on Day 67, with memorization elements in it from “storm report bulletins” piped into the in-house TV’s. So of course, Paul wound up winning the veto, which will likely wind up meaning nothing long term. It should lock in the nominees and perhaps take Jason off of the block, but Jessica would also likely then use the hex on Thursday, and the whole week will be full of sound and fury signifying nothing. The odd thing about all of this is if Jessica does not use the hex, she actually might be better off and could make a deep run into the game, whereas using it might put a bigger target on her.

Back in two weeks with a little more. We might be getting somewhere good by that time, because once Cody is gone again, maybe Jessica for that matter, other targets will be in play.


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