BB19, Part II: Pandagate

The 19th season of Big Brother is now fully underway, and already it has been one of the strangest first few days in perhaps the history of the show. Two contestants are already out the door, one of them being an unscheduled removal for medical reasons.

I thought the opening night of the TV show came off as a disappointment. I’m not too thrilled about Paul coming back, but if the Virgin Mary made two appearances on the show in back to back seasons, I wouldn’t be thrilled about that either. Cameron got voted out on the first day, joining the ranks of Jodi and Glenn as houseguests that made the TV show but not the feeds.

The various twists were unveiled, though as is usually the case with production, they were old twists and concepts with new names and titles. The “Den of Temptation” series of twists are merely shinier “Care Packages” from last year. To no one’s surprise, Paul won the first such temptation, earning the prize of three weeks safely. No, I’m not calling that first prize that hokey name the show is using; it sounds like something from the Legend Of Zelda video game series.

Speaking of old things becoming new things, we had another racial controversy on the show that brought back memories of the nightmarish BB15 four seasons ago. Since I’m posting this before the Sunday night TV show airs, I don’t have the benefit of a detailed account to give to you. According to the live feed accounts, Megan said to Alex that Jessica called her (Alex) “the panda” which could be viewed as a racial slur (though I never heard of that word used that way), like calling someone African-American a monkey. Alex then confronted Jessica over it when word got back to her, but when Jessica denied making the slur, she also convinced Alex that Megan made it up.

Early Friday, it appeared erroneously that Megan had self-evicted, which would have marked the first time in the US BB series that happened without a medical or family issue in play. Later in the day, it was learned that Dowder indeed had a medical issue that forced her departure, much like how BB8 winner Dick Donato left BB13.

I thank Megan for her efforts in the game and for her service to our country, and I hope she gets help for her PTSD. From what I’ve read in my life about it, that condition is no joke.

Personally, I never understood why the show doesn’t have a policy that is closer to the UK’s version of BB, where if a housemate (as they say over there) wants to leave after some time to think it over, the request is granted. More often than not in our version of the show, if you don’t leave through the front door, you’re banished from the CBS/Viacom family. Kind of a Mafia whacking without the death and blood. Hopefully, they treat Megan well and invite her back for the finale in September.

Final thought for you:

With that, I’m out. Catch you again in a couple of weeks.


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