BB19, Part IV: Wasted Days And Wasted Nights

Things are getting more interesting in Big Brotherland, and much like our current President’s administration, it seems every day recently has brought its own series of adventures and crises. In the past two weeks, Dominique Cooper and Ramses Soto have been evicted. Cooper, Jillian Parker, and Cameron Heard were all eliminated in the Battle Back […]

BB19, Part III: Inequity

Season 19 isn’t getting any less weirder, as evidenced in the events in the house the past two weeks. Seeing BB18’s Paul Abrahamian in the house, getting advantage after advantage and playing den mother is one thing. It’s another thing when the broken footed Christmas Abbott gets to phone in her vote from a hospital […]

BB19, Part II: Pandagate

The 19th season of Big Brother is now fully underway, and already it has been one of the strangest first few days in perhaps the history of the show. Two contestants are already out the door, one of them being an unscheduled removal for medical reasons. I thought the opening night of the TV show […]