BB19, Part I: But Wait, There’s (Maybe) More!


They’re in the house, but with the absence of any resemblance of solid information, we will have to wait and see what the Wednesday TV debut brings.

I’m glad to see the twists will be kept to a minimum, although there was big news on Thursday brought rumor of a 17th houseguest being added: Paul Abrhamian from BB18.

That didn’t make me happy, though he played a game last season worthy of championship status by losing out to the snaky Nicole Franzel by a mere vote in the finale which many believed (including me) that the California apparel maker had won. I didn’t even want to see even one returnee in BB19, but confidence is high that there’s at least one returnee back in the game in Paul, if not more.

It’s disappointing that CBS rolled out these 16 new houseguests, leaving the impression that this was going to be an all-new cast, then this swerve happens. If you wonder why this is the last season I plan to cover on this blog, mark these notes with your proverbial yellow highlighter. I just don’t think it’s fun being a smart fan and getting trolled merely because of it.

Plus, this returning houseguest gimmick CBS frequently uses, not just on this show, but on their other reality staples, is getting old. I don’t get why they still do it. If Paul returns, it’s the fifth time in the last eight BB seasons (counting BBOTT) it’s been used, and if you want to farther back, it’s the sixth time in ten seasons. On top of that, if you discount the non-celebrity UK version of the show, every other English-version of the show has used returning houseguest since the US BB18 did it last year.

This whole deal with returnees also throws my plans of making predictions for a loop, because we don’t yet know for sure if Paul is playing, or is part of this series of “temptations” twists in a non-participatory nature. When in doubt, keep things simple, so I’ll just give you who I think wins: Ramses Soto.

I should also probably explain my theory as to who normally wins Big Brother once again, if you’ll allow me. I don’t think it’s an accident that more often than not, the winner is a college student, a nurse, a teacher, some occupation like that. It’s been my opinion that occupations where houseguests have daily interactions with random people gives them a huge advantage. They can manipulate better than what I call the “artisans” out there; jocks, models, and so forth. That being said, I’m picking Ramses based on his age, and that these series of twists might mean it’s a good time to make a contrarian pick.

Christmas (who I think might wind up being a younger Toni Ferrari from FOX reality show fame, Paradise Hotel the more notable show, at least to me) would not a be bad second choice, but she may or may not have wedding plans for Labor Day weekend that the “powers that be” might want her to keep. I also see big things for Jillian, the Trump loving fan of Alex Jones’s radio show. By big things, I mean it could wind up a PR disaster for the show, bigger than Aaryn’s infamous appearance on the show four years ago, especially if Ms. Parker goes into Alex’s conspiracy theories in any great depth.

Look for the next blog entry sometime around July 2nd.


2 thoughts on “BB19, Part I: But Wait, There’s (Maybe) More!

  1. So far BB19 leaves one regret. Poor little pilgrim Jessica falling for the bs from the big bad wolf. All she knows about him is what he tells her. We all watched her go from bubbly and happy to an easily angered recluse.
    By years, he’s more mature than her. Which she may see as wisdom.
    A wise man knows that you can shut your mouth and just look stupid or open it and remove all doubt. Oops Cody you missed that one.
    His first words showed how shallow he is in why he picked his team. His glassy, void stares can be attributed to a lack of empathy; a symptom of a sociopath. Keeping his plan all to himself could be the mark of a control freak.
    But he really irked me by saying his downfall was because he butted heads with Paul because he and Paul are both alpha males.
    Paul isn’t mature enough to be a great leader; but, he does have some real wisdom.
    As for Cody I wouldn’t follow him to the bathroom if I had diarrhea!
    I hope that Jess can be reprogrammed regarding the cult of Cody (I mean c’mon do we really believe he was the dumper in all his failed relationships).
    Jessica just pray the others see your loyalty as an asset in an alliance and a reason for recent bad behavior.
    Good luck to all who remain in the BB19 household and Game On.

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