BB19 Prologue, Part II: A Slightly Different Cookie Cutter

For US Big Brother fans, yesterday was our Christmas. Then we found out that there is actually a houseguest with that name going into the house.

I woke up yesterday around 7:00am Eastern time, amazed but not surprised to see the names of this season’s cast unveiled. There are 16 of them who have been so far unveiled, but have we seen all of them? Could there be a yet to be revealed 17th or 18th name hiding from view? Probably not, but with this show, who knows?

My early thinking is that this is a better cast than we’ve seen in a few seasons, definitely a better cast than last year. (When someone on your cast is calling your cast shitty, you know it’s bad.) But as has been the case going back to BB2 in 2001, it’s not totally different casting type from what we’ve seen all these seasons.

There are critics of the show who say (and in my opinion, rightfully so) that the way the show it cast, it seems to promote misogyny, and that CBS doesn’t seem to have a problem with casting seemingly strong “bros” and weaker women. Or, that the cast isn’t as diverse as we’ve seen in another English-language versions in the United Kingdom and Canada.

It is a good cast? Seemingly, yes. But the success of the show this season (and BB has lost TV viewership five seasons in a row going into this season) might just depend on the twists deployed, or the lack thereof. If it’s a good cast, you’ll see fewer twists. If not, you might see more of them.

Has it convinced me to buy the feeds? Not so much. The perspective of the TV viewer is important as well as the view from feedsters, and I might do with a bit less BB this season, personally. Every year, social media seems to obsess more and more with the show, and in decreasingly healthy ways. For me, just watching the shows and enjoying “Big Brother Gossip” podcasts might be a new way to go this season.

I’ll be back on Sunday with predictions.


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