BB19 Prologue, Part I: Nervousing

It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the United States, which means it’s a little less than five weeks away from another Big Brother season.

I’ve been debating whether or not to cover this season, quite honestly. Well, two thoughts have come to mind. One being to end this blog after last season, another to do two more summer seasons and end things with BB20 next year. For now, I’ll spilt the difference and cover this season.

There seems to be a noticeable backlash in play on Twitter this preseason with several (including myself) hoping this is not another season where returning houseguests  are part of the cast. There is good reason behind such concern: BBOTT, Celebrity Big Brother’s winter season, and BB Canada 5 all had returnees, with two returnees winning and Jason Roy finishing second in his return season.

I wouldn’t be surprised if CBS and production did bring back contestants, because it works so well on Survivor, giving new champions a degree of credibility. The average ratings for BB have dipped five straight seasons, so they might not think of it as losing viewers, but keeping the bulk around as long as possible.

They will do what they want to do, and the best part of that is we don’t have to watch. As for me, I’ll decide when they decide. As someone a long time ago once said on this show of ours, a wise general doesn’t reveal his plans.

I’ll be back with part two once the cast is revealed, whenever that is.


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