BB18, Days 88-93: Who’s The Punk?

Victor didn’t look all too comfortable at the HOH comp a week ago, and with good reason.

A lot to recap in this entry, so let’s get to it.

Here’s what took place in the final five stage, which concluded Monday night but didn’t air on TV until Tuesday night:

  • Back on Day 87 (last Friday), Paul and Victor were nominated by then HOH Corey.
  • On Day 88 (last Saturday), Nicole won the POV competition.
  • The following Day (last Sunday), the veto meeting was held, and Nicole chose to kept nominations as they were.
  • On Monday, the “surprise” eviction was held. Victor was evicted an unprecedented third time during the same season by a 2-0 vote. He finished in fifth place, and his three stays in the house last 23, 35, and 18 days, respectively.

In the final four stage that lasted in real time from Monday night until the live Wednesday show, here’s what happened:

  • Paul won HOH in another installment of the “What The Bleep?” contest that was also the final four HOH comp last year.
  • Corey and Nicole were nominated. It was Nicole’s first nomination this season, ending her streak at 91 days, the second longest streak in BB history behind Derrick’s technical nomination at the F3 stage on the 97th and final day of BB16.
  • Paul won the last POV competition of the season, another “Name The Day Such And Such Happened” competition.
  • On the live show last night, Paul opted not to use the POV on anyone.
  • As James wasn’t evicted, he voted to evict Corey, going out in 4th place on the 92nd Day.

But wait, there’s more!

  • The remaining three houseguests compete (as has been the custom since BB2) in a three-part HOH competition, with the winner of Part 1 meeting the Part 2 winner on the live finale next Wednesday night.
  • Paul won Part 1, an endurance contest, which didn’t air on the feeds.

Congratulations CBS, you got the finale you all wanted. Two returnees in the final three for the first time since BB7 in 2006, which had nothing but returnees. I had Paul in my pre-season top 3, finishing 3rd, and we now know it will be Paul versus either Nicole or James to crown the last HOH. James will tie Janelle’s mark of spending the most combined days in the house at 177, while Nicole will be third on that list at 169 days.

It really speaks volumes that the biggest moment this season took place in jury between Day and Paulie. Who knows if the moment was authentic, or made to look that way to drum up support for Da’Vonne being the “America’s Favorite Player” winner. (Also note how a producer stepped in before Da’Vonne could take Paulie’s head off, which I personally wouldn’t have minded seeing.) Personally, I endorse Victor for the award, as he fought hard in the house despite being the first ever evicted three times in a season. At least he played the game the way it was meant to be played.


Dingo over at Hamsterwatch said it a couple of weeks ago, briefly and perfectly. Big Brother has become the “football gag” from the Peanuts comic strip.

Lucy Van Pelt is the powers that be. Call it production, CBS, executives, whatever.

The football is the potential and the expectations of every season that comes and goes that we the fans have.

Charlie Brown is most (but not all) of us. We want to connect our foot to the football and watch it sail as high and as far as it can.

We, like Charlie Brown, never get to connect with the ball, because the ball is always yanked away at the last moment, much like what Lucy does. We’ll learn that lesson again once the online only season begins in two weeks.

How many times can we, the fans, land on our collective backs before something breaks?

Back next Thursday to wrap up the season. Meanwhile, I’m off to cancel my CBS All Access subscription.


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