BB18, Days 74-75: Great TV, But Terrible Feeds

2016-08-27-11.14.19-Cam 1
Corey and Nicole early on Day 74.

The latest developments:

  • 6.10 million viewers for the live show Thursday night.
  • Over in the UK, BB16 fifth placer Frankie Grande went to the end of the 18th Celebrity Big Brother or Friday, but finished in 6th place in their season-ending mass eviction. Stephen Bear, a British reality star, won.
  • Corey won the America’s Care Package: $5,000 for any houseguest to take any action within the game that Corey wants (as in voting a certain way, vetoes, etc. If a houseguest accepts the $5K, they must take the action desired, they cannot back off from it.)
  • Paul and Michelle are the current nominees.
  • Corey and Victor are this week’s Have Nots. They get to eat seaweed and squid to go with their slop.
  • Everyone but Natalie plays in the POV competition, which Nicole won.

The current setup of the house might be great for the TV audience, but I’m finding things continuously monotonous on the feeds. Guess which audience production is going to cater to? Hint: it won’t be the feedsters. Last year we had the ongoing Vanessa Rousso drama of whether or not she can hold her psyche together to the end and win. This year, it’s Michelle, and it looks likely at this point that she’ll get picked off before she can get to the end.

I’m pretty sure at this point either Nicole or Natalie win the big money at the end, possibly maybe finishing 1st and 2nd together. The blond Michigander has been savaged on social media, and for reasons I understand. Her game did not improve from two seasons ago, as I find her more catty than she was back in 2014. The opposition deteriorated: no Derrick, no Christine, no Frankie to play off of, all three of whom may be better players than what’s left this year. At least Frank tried to play the game this season, and Da’Vonne served the season well as an early going agent provocateur.

Andy Dehnart wrote a brilliant piece on Reality Blurred about the show and the problems it’s been having now for many years, or at least it seems that way to me. The meat-headed, misogynistic men. The wishy-washy young women who can’t get along, always finding ways to divide themselves and rarely work together. Andy believes the show has potential, and so do I. But it never lives up to what it could be, always settling for, as I said to Dingo over at Hamsterwatch before the season again, being an economy sized car in the CBS reality lineup. (Which, I guess, makes Survivor the Cadillac and The Amazing Race the Mini-Cooper.)

With Nicole doubling down her power by winning the veto yesterday, it looks like Michelle is either done for, or will have to prove herself a great player by flipping a vote that seems set in stone against her. That America’s Care Package that made her co-HOH last week seems to have done her in, but she never really lived up to the preseason hype many saw in her, at least in my view.

More on Tuesday when the nominations are locked in.


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