BB18, Days 64-66: The Fall Of Don Paulie

Our Paulie got his walnuts handed to him in the end…

The lowdown on the past few days:

  • The Wednesday CBS show pulled in 5.91 million viewers.
  • Paulie was evicted unanimously, 5-0, and did not have the round-trip ticket.
  • Had Paul been one of the last five evicted, he would have held the round-trip ticket.
  • The HOH didn’t start yet as the live show ended, but Natalie wound up winning her 1st HOH title of the year.
  • However, she will only be co-HOH, the other HOH will be determined by whoever receives America’s Care Package later today. They each get to pick one nominee.
  • With no round-trip ticket, one of the first five jurors will win a trip back into the house, which could mean one more Double Eviction could take place.

Napoleon had Waterloo, and Nixon had Watergate. All Paulie left was his “water works” tears when he couldn’t get his way.

And so, the “Paulie era” of the season as come to a merciful close (unless he wins the “jury buyback”), and now the seven remaining contests will have to think for themselves. They’ll probably be better off for it. In the end, he was no longer whining about having to go to jury, so I wonder if production “sweetened the pot” by promising (and not necessarily delivering) gigs on future Big Brother seasons, if not Survivor and/or The Amazing Race.

The more likely possibility (I think) is that Paulie was reminded by the DR that on August 13th, he openly admitted to lying on his application when he said he’s never seen  a psychiatrist. He admitted that night that he had, and with that in mind, production probably told the former soccer player: go to jury, or legal action might be taken.

As for the rest of the proceedings, we all know that whoever Natalie wants to target is a moot point for now, because she’s only half an HOH. Strategy won’t mean anything until the two co-HOH’s confer sometime today. The show last night said it was an unprecedented power, so they must have forgot that Jase and Janelle were co-HOH’s to start BB7 back in 2006.

Loved the jury segment on the live show. Maybe one of these days we could get a feed of those discussions one of these years, hmmm?

The next blog entry should be Sunday, sooner if developments warrant it.


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