BB18, Days 62-63: Secret Agent Man


If you missed the past couple of days, I have to be honest that you didn’t miss much.

  • Sunday’s show, which captured most of the maneuvering leading up to the double eviction, got 5.71 million viewers.
  • In the house, POV winner Victor kept nominations as they were, so either Paulie or Corey go to the jury Thursday, unless they have that round trip ticket, which has a 1 in 8 chance of being the case.

Paulie is still moping around the house as he has been recently. He threatened not to do the punishment of baking apple pies per the POV contest stipulations, which he has since done. He’s also threatened to walk of of his jury duty, and I’m sure production will change his mind out of doing that too. He squawking about having to campaign against Corey Sunday, which tells me with his logic that he’ll do exactly that these next two days.

The “James And Natalie Show” waffles on, with Natalie having a bit of a snit on Sunday afternoon. I do think Paulie has a bit of a point (yep, I actually agree with him on something) that Natalie might be playing James for in-house safety. Boob job innuendo aside, she did fib about having a relationship in play outside of the house. Logically, you have to ask what else has she been deceptive about, or is deceiving the house about.

For once, the post-POV meeting fare wasn’t dreadfully dull, as the group got a Ziggy Marley (the son of reggae legend Bob Marley) concert. Prizes were won in this “county fair” they also got, but with feeds cutting in and out whenever the houseguests mentioned their respective winnings, I’ll wait for the next post to try and clear it all up, as it will probably air on the extra Friday show on CBS. It sounded like Michelle won the chance to see Ziggy outside of the house, so she may have wear wigs and blindfolds if the trip takes place these next few days.

The next blog entry will be Friday, sooner if anything develops, as always.




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