BB18, Days 60-61: Tasering The Bear

Seen on Twitter lately…yes, there were spelling errors.

Running down the facts of the past two days:

  • Ratings for the Double Eviction: 5.18 million viewers. The low rating was caused by two factors: the Olympics on NBC, and NFL preseason games. Some football games aired on various CBS stations across the country in various localities, since NFL teams can negotiate with local stations if there games aren’t aired on various networks. (ESPN, NBC, Fox, CBS)
  • Nicole won the 3rd America’s Care Package, “super safety” for the week, meaning she can’t be nominated or evicted. She will also have to wear a costume this week which makes her look like a human construction sign, complete with a traffic-cone hat.
  • It does not keep her safe (oddly enough) from a food penalty. She and Michelle are the Have-Nots for the week, and their food supplements for the week are corn on the cob and sunflower seeds.
  • Joining Victor, Paulie, and Corey in the POV contest are James, Paul, and Nicole. A few hours later, Victor won the Power of Veto.
  • The comp featured prizes and punishments, and Zingbot. James won $5,000, while Nicole won  a vacation to anywhere she wishes in the United States. Paul won a Secret Service alert series of tasks and matching uniform. Paulie has to make apple pies when prompted the rest of the season. Corey is wearing a “Patriotard” (I think I might have “invented” the term last night, social media’s been using it since) outfit for the week.

Paulie is going to be evicted on Thursday, barring a miracle. It’ll just be a matter of whether or not he has the “round trip ticket” and even if he does, the house probably sends him back out. I really don’t want to go on and on about his behavior the past few days, as I think it speaks for itself, plus it’s pretty much covered in the meme above. It is one of the more spectacular collapses I’ve ever seen on Big Brother, and he’s now threatening no to do his jury duties once evicted.

I’m sure CBS could make better use of the $15,000 in winnings Paulie will have accumulated by then.

Nicole got her care package, which may be a blessing in disguise. But, it also exposes why I don’t like the audience participation votes. It is a common practice on reality shows to hold votes, but if the fine print is read, you’ll notice that many of the reality shows on TV are not obligated to follow the votes of the viewers. Someone on Twitter posted the fine print of the ongoing America’s Care Package vote on Friday night, my apologies for not remembering who it was:

read the highlighted print…click on it if you need to.

Looking forward to watching the game moving forward once Paulie is gone. Michelle’s game has really blossomed the past several days, verbally besting Paulie every chance she’s gotten. There will still be several high-profile targets in play: Nicole, Corey, and James probably being the next three. She just might slip under the radar a few weeks, which may get her to the end of the game. Winning a contest here and there would be a big plus for her as the season winds down.

If you want a woman to win and end the nearly five year dry spell, I’m still thinking Michelle has the best chance at it, with Paul, Natalie, and Victor close behind, in that order.


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