BB18, Day 59: A Big Break For Big Meech

2016-08-11-01.46.21-Cam 5
Scenes from the house meeting in the wee hours of Day 58.

Well, let’s get you all caught up:

  • Wednesday’s CBS ratings: 5.90 million viewers, impressive against the Olympics on NBC.
  • In the first eviction, James nullified Corey and Paul’s vote. Zakiyah was voted out 3-2. James, Bridgette, and Natalie voted out Zakiyah, while Paulie and Nicole voted to evict Michelle.
  • Corey won HOH for the 1st time to start the double eviction stage.
  • He then put Michelle and Bridgette up for eviction.
  • Corey then won the POV contest, and left the nominations as they were.
  • In a surprise move, Bridgette was voted out 5-1. Only Natalie voted to evict Michelle.
  • Neither Zakiyah or Bridgette had the round-trip ticket, and there’s only one more eviction that will take place before the twist is voided.
  • Coincidentally (I think), CBS has a special Friday show on August 19th.
  • Another HOH competition was held, with Victor getting to keep his HOH room by winning a 2nd time.

As I begin to write this entry on Thursday night, I’m stunned that Paulie and “Nicorey” had Meech dead to rights, and yet they kept her in the house! Here was my reaction on Twitter when it happened:

It reminded me of the break Ian Terry caught on BB14 when Dan Gheesling blindsided Shane Meaney, sending him out in 4th place. That break allowed Ian to win the season, and I just so happened to pick Michelle to win this season. If she wins the “super safety” later today, she gets a free pass for two weeks into likely the final six, if not seven.

Michelle called Nicole a “snake” right before the 2nd eviction vote on live TV, and that led to a back and forth right after the feeds came back,  Paulie, still in the house (I didn’t think he’d go THAT easily) equated feminism to racism on the feeds before the live show speaking to the now-departed Bridgette (2:08pm on feeds 1/2 on August 11th). Then, as soon as the feeds came back just after 7pm BBT, Paulie rambles on about how his girl cousins would “beat the s***” out of Bridgette and Michelle.

And then, after all of that, something remarkable happened. People talked, people listened, people apologized. The ugliness abated, almost as if the group as a whole got tired of fighting all at once. Everyone respected one another for that brief hour or so before the next HOH competition began.

Once that comp ended, and Victor (again) wound up winning, they got back to the business of playing the game. Paul and Vic have big plans, with the early targets being Corey and Paulie. If that winds up happening, it’s a very smart move, as they have now both proven to be competitive threats.

Despite Paulie’s damage control, and the reprieve he got during the double eviction, he’s still in serious trouble. It’s going to be another interesting week.


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