BB18, Days 57-58: Jersey Girl

2016-08-10-08.23.20-Cam 1
Natalie leading the charge early on Day 57 as the house seemed to have flipped against Paulie.

Clarifications were made about the upcoming fall season and the summer seasons ahead yesterday. It turns out CBS has been renewed for two more summer seasons in 2017 and 2018. The digital-only Big Brother season we’ll see this fall will NOT count as Big Brother 19, but the 2017 season will, and that the 2018 season will officially be BB20.

So what will this fall season count as? BB 18.1? Big Brother’s Sister? Nephew? I wonder if they’ll use may suggestion: Baby Brother. The fact that this fall season will not be numbered and that the season will be “reimagined” tells me the fall season will be some sort of spin-off. Considering show history and their general lack of innovation, I wonder if we’ll get another couples season like we did in the winter of 2008.

Anyhow, back to this season: I got the sense when I posted a couple of days ago that the house was getting ready to flip, and that moves were getting ready to be made. Sure enough, Natalie has spearheaded a makeshift alliance with James, Bridgette, and (of all people) Paul to vote out Zakiyah in the first of the two evictions tonight. If this move is executed, the next move (or two) would have to be to get Paulie out of the house, possibly back-dooring him after a veto competition.

Paulie has gone from being the house captain to suddenly being close to being out of the game. Talk about how quickly things can change, especially with the hysteria of a double eviction week. Even the usually non-committal James seems all-in here.

Do I think there’s been DR interference here? Quite possibly. (If they can interfere when we generally don’t want them to, why wouldn’t they otherwise?)  Could this be “payback” from production for Paulie for peeing in the hot tub, and/or “checking out” a female DR staffer Saturday night? Again, possible, and not entirely impossible.

The bickering went on into the night, with a copious amount of one-liners for the Twitter feedsters and waffling continuing on. Natalie broke Paulie’s game to Zakiyah, who took it to Paulie’s ally Nicole, then Paulie. That only led to more cuddling and bed romancing amongst the “Zaulie” couple, no doubt leaving fans thinking Zak has a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome.

Michelle and Paulie had a good verbal fight just before I put this entry up. As was proven when Tiffany and Paulie fought a few weeks back, Paulie has trouble defending himself to women. Paulie vowed Michelle was going home. The vote will likely prove otherwise unless the house waffles again significantly.

It just might be a good night to watch the show, if your local CBS station isn’t carrying NFL preseason football.


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