BB18, Days 55-56: The Golden Hot Tub

2016-08-08-10.11.07-Cam 3.png
Michelle (left) and Natalie (right) briefly talk game before Monday’s POV meeting.

The down low of the past couple of days:

  • The ratings for the CBS show Sunday night: 5.24 million viewers. The Olympics on NBC pulled in a gargantuan number of 29.67.
  • POV holder Paulie did NOT use the veto, so Michelle or Zakiyah will be evicted in 10th place on Thursday, unless the evictee has the round-trip ticket.

This won’t be a typical eviction week, I think. Most weeks you see the two up for eviction walking on egg shells, trying not to do what would piss anybody off and swing votes against them. This week, you’ll likely see Meech and Zakiyah break as many egg shells as they can, as they each really don’t have anything to lose being aggressive.

Early on, it looked like Michelle could be the one winding up out of the game, but James has openly spoken about using his Care Package power of nullifying two votes (although it’s unclear whether he has to use the powers in the first eviction round Thursday or if he can wait until the proceeding “double eviction” round) that would vote against Meech. With two of seven votes nullified, only three are need to save someone, so should James, Natalie, and Paul vote to evict Zakiyah, she’d be gone.

The only fly in the ointment is what happens if James were to pull off such a flip. Would the then unpartnered Paulie go at James and Natalie should he win the double eviction HOH? That could be the one thing that keeps James from flipping. But a James, Natalie, and Michelle alliance, maybe even with Paul or a Bridgette joining in, could be just the counter-attack needed to clip Don Paulie. We’ll see what develops.

If Paulie doesn’t win this season, he will probably rue winning POV Saturday. Things are starting to turn against him now, possibly. He may have to go on a run of winning HOH’s and/or POV’s to stick around, much like the run Vanessa went on last season, and Frank winning three straight veto comps on BB14. He’s capable of it, but I think he’s now past the point where his social game can bail him out anymore.

Paulie livened up the feeds around 9pm BBT by urinating in the hot tub. Don’t know (or want to know) if that’s a US Big Brother first (Rachelle did something similar on BB Canada) or not, but it doesn’t look like he was reprimanded for doing that at all. (Why? How? That’s a health hazard.) The house waffled back to putting the target on Michelle overnight, but I expect this to go back and forth a few more times before Thursday.

Back on Friday at the latest, sooner if anything noteworthy develops.


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