BB18, Days 53-54: Scenarios

Julie Chen doing the robot before the live show Thursday…

All righty, folks, time to look at the latest and greatest the past couple of days.

  • Thursday show got 5.86 million viewers. I imagine with the Olympics on NBC the next couple of weeks, ratings will take a hit.
  • James won the second America’s Care Package, which included the ability to nullify two votes. There is some confusion in social media as to whether or not his nullification would be good for just the first eviction vote Thursday, or both votes.
  • Zakiyah and Michelle were nominated by Victor for eviction.
  • Corey, James, and Bridgette get to eat Corned Beef Hash and Hash Browns to go along with their slop as Have Nots this week.
  • Paulie, Nicole, and James joined Victor, Michelle, and Zakiyah in the POV competition.
  • After over 7.5 of Jeffy Loops, the house was trashed from the annual “Hide and Seek” POV contest, and Paulie walked away with yet another contest win.

Good grief. What a mess of a season this has become. Half of the house wants to coast from week to week and not put in any work, the other half are on the verge of messing things up playing too hard.

Michelle is the apparent target to go home with those minority votes pinned on her and Zak.  Meech going keeps alive the tradition of the first houseguest entering not winning that’s existed since Big Brother began in 2000. (That brings up another point: was Michelle the first to enter, or did the returnees enter first, and how do we know either possibility is true?) I think the house is tired of her crying over meaningless things, thinking she’s fat when she’s not, puking after spinning around during the most recent HOH competition, being nominated and saying Victor was mean. Getting her out seems the smart play, and I think everyone would be on board to do it.

I picked Big Meech to win, but she clearly does not have the mindset of someone who can win, and I think everyone sees that. She’s – um, not all there.

On the other hand, if you don’t want Paulie winning 106 competitions this season, there may be some good news out of his win for you. Paulie now has to either use the POV on Zakiyah to keep her safe, or not use it and risk Zak turning on her. On top of that, if Zak isn’t vetoed, could that be a false cue that she might be the one gone? With the volatility of their relationship, who knows what can change in the next few days? She could go from not being vetoed and being safe to having another spat with Paulie and being a lock to be gone Thursday.

Plus, I haven’t even gotten to the point of if Paulie does decide to use the veto, who does Victor put up? Bridgette is probably the most likely choice, but again, with Paulie being in the spot he is in, he could find a reason to pin some made-up fact on somebody and use that as the excuse to put them up for the renomination. Another play Victor could make would be to go back on his word and nominate Natalie, who would have the votes to stay, which puts Victor in danger of exiting once again.

Right now, it looks as though Paulie doesn’t want to use the veto. Even more interesting is the chance that this could lead to a conflict of interest among the “Executives” as to who goes this week. Paulie wants Zakiyah safe, but the early post-POV indications are Paul could want Zakiyah gone. If that winds up happening, those events change the game significantly heading into the Double Eviction. Paulie wouldn’t be the lead dog any longer: Paul would.

As easy as this week appears to be on the surface, this could get messy quickly, and a suddenly messy game gives everyone a fair chance at winning once again, so I’m hoping for it.


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