BB18, Days 50-52: The Last Day of Da’Vonne

2016-08-02-19.17.56-Cam 3.png
A good look at the “houseguests wall” on Tuesday night.

The latest facts and figures:

  • CBS has renewed Big Brother for two more seasons in the year ahead. There will be an all digital BB19 starting shortly after BB18 ends that Julie Chen will host that should stretch into December, followed by BB20 in the summer of 2017.
  • The ratings for Wednesday: 5.78 million viewers.
  • Da’Vonne was evicted 6-2 (Zakiyah and Michelle the dissenters) and did NOT hold the return ticket.
  • Day lasted a combined 73 days, with only Jase (67) and BB10/11 Jessie (71) staying in a fewer amount of days among the 27 returning players to date.
  • Da’Vonne stayed in 29 days longer this time. Only Boogie (39) and BB12/13 Rachel (34) stayed in longer in their return trip, each of whom won their respective seasons.
  • The HOH comp began on the live show, and was actually shown on the feeds for a change. Victor outlasted Natalie to win HOH after nearly two hours, most of the last hour just between those two.
  • The first three out were James, Bridgette, and Corey, which makes them next week’s Have Nots.
  • There will be a double eviction next week. If no one evicted holds the round trip, that reduces the field down to 8.

First off, congratulations to the show on getting renewed and getting two more seasons under their belt. As much as social media hates the show on some levels, surviving and advancing (as they say during the NCAA basketball tournament) is always the key.

This season is continuing to be a bit dull, and there’s been recent evidence as to why a woman hasn’t won a season since Rachel Reilly did in 2011 on BB13. There always seems to be strong women on the show, buttressed by weaker women who always seem to defer, if not cower, to the stronger females. They (the weaker women) always find men in the house to be their champions (for example, Nicole and Corey, and Zakiyah and Paulie to a more complicated degree) to use as numbers to get the strong women out of the game. In turn, that reduces the number of women in the house, which reduces the odds a woman can win.

No wonder why Paulie wanted Tiffany gone so bad: his game mirrors Vanessa’s, as we saw Tuesday night when he argued with Zakiyah. It was one of the more brutal things I’ve seen on the show since the Ginamarie/Aaryn vs. Candice kerfuffle on BB15 when Howard came to Candice’s rescue when she really didn’t want to be rescued. He has dominated the game for several weeks now, but the way he verbally battered Zakiyah that night wasn’t necessary.

I also wonder if Zakiyah’s lack of backbone will not only hurt her game, but her career once she gets out of the house, and it’s sad that I have to think about such a thing. I really don’t get why she didn’t use that incident as a turning away point to find common ground with other houseguests, maybe even form an alliance. But, we only know Zak’s life in the house, not her entire relationship history, and maybe some life lesson in her upbringing keeps her from seeing what we as live feeders get to see.

Paulie is dominating for now, but as the numbers dwindle, I’m sure he will continue the tradition of recent years of being a stuntcasted houseguest who gets close to the big money, but never gets there as were the stories of Elissa, Frankie Grande, and Vanessa. It almost seems like he’s bored with being on top, hence his lack of focus and obsession with keeping Zak in line. I don’t even see him in any immediate danger of being evicted, but luck plays a bigger role in the game once there are fewer numbers in it, hence my optimism that Paulie won’t win.

I found the live show a bit odd, really. I’ve noticed that Julie Chen has been saying in print that she thought James was playing as if he was on a summer vacation, and that Paulie is on the inside track to win the game. In the opening catch-up segment, Paulie’s spat with Zakiyah wasn’t show, but the focus was on James being the swing vote. Fast forward to the voting, and James was chosen to be the 5th vote to evict Day, which clinched her eviction. Then, the post-eviction questioning by Julie, it seemed she was trying to get a “James” answer out of Day.

Just found it weird that the events as described to TV viewers fits exactly with what Mrs. Les Moonves has been saying publicly, and that no other evidence is allowed to exist. Plus, I could be making more of a deal out of it than it needs to be.

The HOH competition was off the chain good! Considering how Victor and Natalie have butted heads, and the fact it came down to those two, it was an epic duel. One of the better comps I’ve seen on the feeds in a long time. It was also nice of the “BB Gods” to let us see the events transpire, which is why we pay for feeds to begin with. My guess this morning is that Zak and Meech will be the nominees for going against the majority on the vote, with Bridgette the back door plan if either win POV.

With that, I’m out. The next post in a couple of days, unless something big happens.


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