BB18, Days 48-49: The House Gets PP’ed On

2016-07-31-21.43.49-Cam 1.png
Bridgette and Paulie discussing things Sunday night.

Here is what happened the past couple of nights:

  • The Sunday CBS show (which didn’t air until around 8:30 Sunday night due to the PGA Championship running long) had 5.93 million viewers.
  • POV winner Paulie took himself off of the block.
  • HOH Paul named Da’Vonne to replace him as a nominee. That means either Da’Vonne or Bridgette leave the game on Thursday, unless one of them holds the “Round Trip” ticket.

At this point, Da’Vonne is the likely one gone in a few days: it will just be a matter of whether or not she stays gone. Paul has been reassuring Day that she’s not the target, and that Bridgette is. But most of the house knows otherwise at this point. It doesn’t look like there’s a path to flip the house, as Da’Vonne would need 5 votes to stay to do anything. The next care package will come a day late (on Friday) to save her, unless she has that winning ticket.

Tomorrow marks the “midway day” of the season. Paulie’s done a good job at running the house so far, but you don’t get any money (beyond the weekly stipend) for winning at the halfway mark. People are getting wise to his maneuvers, such as James, Natalie, and perhaps Michelle if James takes her under his wing.

The key person to the future of how this season plays out may very well be Zakiyah. If she turns against Paulie, we might have a game yet. If she doesn’t, she’ll get picked off sooner rather than later. She could be the leader of the rebellion and go down in US Big Brother lore, or just become another houseguest who fell at the hands of a powerful alliance.

I don’t know about you all, but I think this house is in dire need of a bit of “palace intrigue” going forward. A Paulie who is growing more vulnerable will make for good feeds the rest of the way.


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