BB18, Days 46-47: Pawn Stars

Paul, wearing one of Nicole’s bras.

The facts from the last couple of days are these:

  • Natalie won the first “America’s Care Package” which included the Never-Not pass. That also makes her ineligible to win the subsequent packages.
  • Paul nominated Bridgette and Paulie for eviction. Yes, you read that right.
  • Victor, Natalie, Corey join Paul, Bridgette and Paulie to play in the POV competition.
  • Zakiyah, Corey, and Paulie are this week’s Have-Nots. Their food supplements to go along with slop are trail mix and marshmallows. Natalie would have been in this group if not for her Never-Not pass.
  • Paulie then won his 2nd POV competition, and his 4th competition overall, counting his 2 HOH wins.

My interest in this season is waning, especially this week. The egos of both Paul and Paulie almost seem to be so big right now, it’s amazing they can each fit in the house. Their pawn strategy of putting Paulie up as an extra number to win POV could have easily backfired, but the “BB Gods” shined on their crew with a physical competition that favored the former soccer player.

Paulie, and let’s face facts, he’s pretty much running Paul’s HOH by proxy, seems to have been waffling Friday and early Saturday as to who he wants up as his replacement. He can axe Da’Vonne, as has been the goal for the longest amount of time. In the last few days, two new targets emerged: Natalie (who Paulie has been calling “FT’s” as in fake t**s) and Zakiyah, who Paulie has suddenly deemed needy and clingy.

It still looks like Paulie is leading the pack, but I think the whole specter of him being a pawn nominee shows off how much in command of the game he is to anybody else in the house paying attention. Other houseguests (for now, James and Natalie) have caught on to his control of the game. I don’t think he’ll have the ability to go all the way, with athletes traditionally lacking the social skills to finish the deal.

When Saturday night came around, it began to look like sanity had once again prevailed, and that Da’Vonne will be the replacement nominee come Monday.  The feedsters (us) wonder if the “Ocho Rios” clue to get the tickets in the Paris Room could mean that the holder of ticket 8 (which would be Da’Vonne) holds the round-trip ticket. We’ll see.

More by Tuesday, anything big happens, I’ll blog about it sooner.



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