BB18, Day 45: Rollerball

Bridgette appears to be the next target, but friends of the new HOH may have other plans.

Let me recap current events before commenting on them.

  • Frank was evicted 9-0, making him the last non-juror evicted (we think, since there was no formal announcement of this). He lasted a combined 106 days on his two seasons, and was the first veteran evicted.
  • He did NOT hold the “Round Trip” ticket. If no one holds the “Round Trip” ticket among the evicted by August 18, the remaining tickets are void.
  • Paul is the new HOH.
  • Corey, Natalie, Zakiyah, and Paulie will be the Have-Nots when that resumes at midnight BBT Friday.
  • Voting is underway until 10am BBT today for “America’s Care Package” with the houseguest receiving the most votes getting a “Never-Not Pass” to be immune from food penalties the rest of the year. Once a houseguest wins a package, they are ineligible for the remaining packages.
  • The second care package, with voting opening Sunday at 5pm BBT, is for the winner to void two of the eviction votes.
  • The next three packages get bigger and bigger. The third is getting a week’s immunity plus voting for someone to wear a costume for the week. The fourth package is Co-HOH with the privilege of picking a third nominee. The fifth and final package gives a houseguest the chance to offer a $5,000 bribe to another houseguest.
  • Ratings news on the #BB18ratings hashtag. Hey, I invented a hashtag!

Congratulations to Heath Luman and the stellar work he’s doing designing these competitions. However, I can’t help but notice that the HOH competitions that the live feeders would get to see in previous seasons are not being seen this year. So, what’s the point in having live feeds to begin with, again?

I only hope that when BB19 airs on CBSAA in the fall, if that happens, that we’ll actually get to see competitions on it, since there’s no TV show to compete against in all likelihood. Thus, no need to “protect” a TV show’s ratings.

My guess is Paul will be an insufferable HOH king, and houseguests are already competing to sit alongside Bridgette on the block. That’s right, people WANT to be on the block with Bridge to be an extra number to send her home. Early on, it looks like Nicole, Corey, or Paulie could be the pawn.

The week could still produce intrigue, as there’s a confluence of interests amongst Paul’s inner circle. Paul wants to finish the job and get Bridgette on her merry way to jury. Paulie, as capo di tutti capi of the house, wants Da’Vonne up and out. That brings up the chance of there being dissension in the ranks in the house, or so I hope, anything to week the makings of a one-sided week more entertaining would be welcomed.

Nominations later today, veto competition tomorrow…the road to Day 99 keeps marching on, although this year, it feels like a death march.


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