BB18, Day 44: Unnecessary Roughness

Nicole takes a pic of the remaining six men in BB18. From left to right: Frank, Paulie, Paul, James, Victor, and Corey.

The latest from Andy Denhart over at Reality Blurred continues to suggest that a fall season will be at hand once the current season ends. It should go 9 to 10 weeks (which would put the ending of the season sometime in December, and might break the shortest season record of 71 days set with BB10) and that the show will air on the CBSAA app, perhaps exclusively.

Inside of the house, Paul worked hard yesterday to drive a fake wedge between Bridgette and Frank. The tattooed California native kept implying to Bridgette that Frank shouldn’t be trusted at all. I thought the move was an act of cruelty for Paul to work Bridgette up in such a manner with the votes for Frank there to send him home. I suppose the reason why Paul is doing this is just in case Frank has that golden “round trip” ticket in his hands. However, having one ally is just a step above having none, so why bother?

I’m not saying Frank’s “bullying” in recent weeks was right. I’m just saying that Paul shouldn’t drag himself down to that level. That’s why you don’t corner a wounded animal. Frank tried to reason with Bridgette later in the morning, but the California nurse was in a child-like funk. If Frank goes, I still think the odds are good Bridgette self-evicts if the breaks don’t go her way in the week ahead. She seems to want to be anywhere but on that set in Studio City, or so I thought early yesterday.

Wednesday night carried an unusual amount of anxiety for a vote expected to be so one-sided in favor of Frank’s removal. Most of the house seemed more nervous than whores in a church. They all beat their collective chests (figuratively), boasting in their little circles who they’d put up if they won HOH.

Natalie said it best last night, most of the people in this group are spineless. They play Big Brother by not playing Big Brother, demanding to know every move someone plans to make. I have no doubts this group will miss Frank if he leaves, which has an 11 out of 12 chance of happening tonight.


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