BB18, Day 43: Rumors Of Future Campaigns

2016-07-25-03.09.46-Cam 5
Scenes from the house meeting on Day 40…

It is rare during the BB season when the rumor mill is more interesting than the game itself. Big news came twice on Tuesday morning before the feeds began. One involved a former houseguest, the other involved a future season being perhaps MUCH closer than we think.

Confidence is high (at least as of this writing) that one of the housemates on Celebrity Big Brother will be Frankie Grande, who appeared on BB16 two seasons ago. If that rumor is true, he’d be the first of the 224 houseguests to appear on a foreign version of the show as a full-fledged contestant. I didn’t think much of Frankie personally, but he might fit in well with the British culture and do well, so I wish him luck.

The other piece of news totally blew me away.

Andy Denhart over at Reality Blurred is reporting that the 19th season of Big Brother is closer than we think. By meaning closer, I mean it will be starting in September of THIS year, right after the current season ends.

That left me perplexed, because I didn’t see Big Brother on the fall calendar CBS has already put out. As Denhart is reporting, it is unknown whether or not Season 19 would air on CBS at all, or on Pop TV, or exclusively on the CBS All Access app.

Further, could this mean the current season might end before September 21st? I would imagine BB19 would have to end before Christmas and not extend into 2017, but that is just my guess.

Big Brother for Halloween, Election Day, and Thanksgiving? It would seem on the surface to be a good thing. It may not turn out to be that way.

We’ve had an off-season season before in 2008, when BB9 aired in the winter and spring due to a writers strike, and many feedsters considered that season it a classic full of drama and copious nudity. Could a BB19 capture “lightning in a bottle” and be the classic oddity BB9 was? We may find out soon.

On the feeds, it was a quiet day. I think of Tuesdays as “socialization days” with the HOH whipping out the provided digital camera and writing their blog entry. As I write this, Paul (who’s been very worked up the past few days) is trying to drive a wedge between Frank and Bridgette. It still looks like Frank is the one going home, but the guys just might be taking his temperature to see if they can work with him and discard Bridgette instead.

With this group, you never know.


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