BB18, Days 41-42: That’s The Ticket

Twitter handle @BBFeedster found this nice picture of the Departures board that heavily influenced the gathering of clues to ope the secret room.

Facts and figures first:

  • POV holder Michelle did not use the veto, so the nominations of Frank and Bridgette stand pat.
  • After several days of nobody smelling the clues to the secret door with a possible “hidden power” at stake, a flurry of activity began late Monday afternoon. Paul found the secret room first at around 5:40pm BBT.
  • The secret room contained 12 tickets inside envelopes. One of them contains the phrase “round trip” inside, the other 11 are bogus. The ticket cannot be opened until whoever holds the ticket is being interviewed by Julie Chen after their eviction. If they hold the “round trip” ticket, they gain re-entry into the house.
  • Then, Victor and Corey soon cracked the code themselves and retrieved theit own tickets. The feeds then went to fish, and everyone had a ticket when the feeds returned several minutes later.
  • If whoever is evicted on Thursday does not have the winning ticket, the remaining 11 would make jury.
  • Sunday’s ratings were much higher: 6.27 million total viewers.

The group had a house meeting late Sunday night (or early Monday morning) in the HOH room, as several members of the house wanted to clear the air so that there’s no hysteria later in the week. Frank was told the votes were there for him to go home, with Paulie speaking up and setting things straight as sort of the group captain. That gesture there should have smartened up the house that Paulie is running the game quietly, much like Derrick did on BB16.

That continues the trend that was set early in the season to get rid of soft targets, players who can’t win competitions (though Frank won 2 Roadkill comps) but have rabble-rousing skills. It would have been nice if the beans weren’t spilled to Frank, but he got respect from the rest of the group by being told, which may just be the ultimate show of respect.

Frank and Bridgette then “dumped” all of their information to Da’Vonne, mainly that Nicole shouldn’t be trusted. Harnessed correctly, Da’Vonne could ride that lightning bolt and stay in the game well into September.

We’ve never had a bona fide “self evict” in show history before, with Neil and Dick leaving BB9 and BB13 respectively under extenuating circumstances. Could Bridgette be the first if the next eviction cycle show go against her? She and Michelle finally had their long-awaited argumentative clash on Monday, but each stood their ground, with Michelle refusing to apologize for earlier remarks and Bridgette wanting to make amends.

Unlike other countries, if you quit the CBS version of BB against production’s wishes, you are excommunicated from their empire. Being a nurse and the income that might come with it, would Bridgette care about all of that? Tough to tell.

With everyone grabbing a ticket Monday night, it could make for some messy situations on Thursdays. If the show does a double eviction, it would be chaotic if the first person out that night holds the winning ticket. (Though I’m pretty sure production would know who the winning ticket-holder is.) For that matter, what is the person evicted in third place has the ticket? Or second?

The next blog entry will be no later than Friday, earlier if developments should warrant it.


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