BB18, Days 39-40: Victor Beats The Odds

I liked the Battle Back belt. It was a nice added touch.

A lot to go over, so let’s get to it:

  • As you know by now, Victor won the Battle Back and re-entered the house. Jozea beat Glenn in the opening round, then Victor defeated Jozea, Bronte, and Tiffany to earn another chance at the 500K.
  • There is a puzzle for the group to now solve. The first person to find access to a “secret room” may win a hidden power. But to do so, the puzzle must be solved within the next four weeks.
  • While the feeds were off, an HOH endurance competition was held, which went over five hours. It was won by James. (Remember, no more teams, so he’s the only one safe.)
  • James then nominated Frank and Bridgette. (Remember, it’s just two nominees from here on out.)
  • Da’Vonne, Michelle, and Nicole were drawn to play in POV, along with James, Frank, and Bridgette.
  • The POV contest itself didn’t start until almost 9pm BBT due to excessive heat warnings and/or bad air quality due to brush fires just north of Studio City. When it finally began, Michelle won the annual OTEV-themed competition.

It’s been a frustrating couple of days to be a BB fan. The nearly 30-hour feed outage, that was a given to attempt to give the Battle Back show a big rating (which wasn’t all that great: 5.28 million, check #BB18ratings for ratings updates), but it also turned out we missed out on a long endurance HOH contest. That will likely be condensed into about 15 minutes worth of TV show footage. But hey, that’s been par for the course from CBS and production the last couple of seasons: to NOT give us what we pay for.

James’s picks being Frank and Bridgette were a bit of a surprise to me, but if you watched last year, you know that when James is HOH, his decisions are not thought out all too well. I’m sure, as he did last year, that he will rationalize that on this show, you can bounce checks. The move would have made sense if the couples were closely aligned. While I think things could still go that direction, they are not there yet. It just seemed to be a move to protect his “showmance” partner Natalie, and she might wind up getting put in the line of fire because of it.

Frank seemed to think at first that he wasn’t the target. Guess what, bud? You are. With POV won by Big Meech, his only chance is to get to work finding clues to the secret room. Otherwise, he is done. Meanwhile, Michelle whooped it up after her POV win like she and her buddies had won the Super Bowl, or at least clinched a divisional title in Major League Baseball.

Random thought: if Paulie isn’t taken down in July or August, he may just win it all in September.

The season is trying to find a new gear now that Battle Back is (for now) gone, and they hope that this “hidden room, secret power” jazz will keep interest as the Olympics on NBC draw closer. Personally, the next few weeks will be good TV, or (the more likely result) the season turns into a total train wreck.

For now, it looks like Frank will go, not with a bang, but with a whimper.


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