BB18, Day 38: Back To Basics

2016-07-21-15.12.27-Cam 3.png
Bridgette speaks with Tiffany a few hours before the live show.

It took 18 seasons and a total of 601 episodes, but something happened last night that hadn’t happened before in show history. The reigning HOH, a brother of a former houseguest, has led the execution of a houseguest whose sister was also a former houseguest. That is, at least for now.

The details:

  • Tiffany was evicted with all 8 votes cast for her.
  • The Battle Back field is now set: Glenn vs. Jozea in round 1, the winner vs. Victor in round 2, the winner of that vs. Bronte in round 3, and the survivor faces Tiffany in the last round. Whoever wins moves back into the house.
  • Julie told the houseguests that the “teams” and the Roadkill competition have each been discontinued, and that the game is back to being classic Big Brother.
  • HOH was not played on the live show, so that should mean whoever wins Battle Back will be eligible to compete for it, and could also wind up being out of the house again next week.
  • Next week’s live show will have just one eviction, but there should be a double eviction in the next week or two if what’s been done in the more recent seasons holds up.

It looked for the world that Tiffany had a fighting chance to stay in the house up until the last 24 hours. When Nicole told Frank that the votes weren’t there, even Frank and Bridgette fell back and made the vote unanimous, 8-0-0. She played sister Vanessa’s game to the end, slightly more social, but a lot less competitive.

I was surprised Da’Vonne gloated so much in the taped message, although I think production may have put her up to that to keep the “feud” going between these two should Tiffany re-enter. Remember, Tiffany only has to win once, and we won’t know until tonight what those contests entail.

More for you in a couple of days, as the live feeds will be down until midnight East Coast time. There shouldn’t be anything substantive news-wise until Battle Back tonight, so go out and enjoy yourselves.


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