BB18, Day 36: The Rabid Fanbase

2016-07-19-13.08.47-Cam 5.png
A random quad during Day 35…

The battle for hearts and minds for an eviction vote that might prove irrelevant wages on. It still looks like the vote could either go against Tiffany or Da’Vonne, but I’m slightly more convinced that Tiffany might be the one going home. I underestimated the resolve Michelle and James seem to have this time, and if they don’t budge, Tiffany won’t stay, unless the Battle Back competition gives them that elusive return ticket.

I should also note here that it’s highly anticipated that the feeds will be down for an extended period Thursday and Friday, something the show usually doesn’t do to protect show information until September when they start doing evictions out of sequence. If they gave away the information on the feeds, we would not have the incentive to watch Friday night, which would hurt their ratings that have already taken a hit this season. It is what it is.

I noticed who “rabid” the Da’Vonne and Tiffany “stans” (followers) have gotten on Twitter yesterday with their rhetoric, and that’s discouraging to me that some of you all take the game so seriously. I don’t think I’ve ever talked about the “rabid fans” on social media and how they ruin the experience for all of us.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of taking the show too seriously, because it’s hard on occasions not to have strong opinions about this houseguest or that. Heck, I’ve done it in the past. You just have to remember that those who play on the show had the courage to do what they do in front of a social media audience that doesn’t always treat them with respect. Big Brother is basically professional wrestling without the wrestling, but with decisions based on a quasi-democracy.

I don’t think we as fans have the right to interfere with the normal lives of those who play on the show. If you have to contact the workplace of a houseguest, please rethink this. Don’t you think their employers might be watching, and thus don’t need you telling them so-and-so does this or does that? You all don’t have to be armchair social justice warriors out there. It’s an unhealthy obsession. If the people in the lives of these houseguests have an issue, whether it be workers or family members, I’m sure they will say what needs to be said.

We all have a responsibility to treat everybody respectfully. Though it doesn’t look like the show is going anyway anytime soon, don’t be the reason it goes off the air. You’re killing the golden goose of being entertained for $6 a month. Don’t foul it all up for the rest of us.


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