BB18, Days 34-35: Gorilla Warfare

2016-07-17-16.21.54-Cam 3
Tiffany cracking a smile after meeting with Paulie on Day 33 (Sunday) in the lounge.

At the start of Day 35, here’s where we’re at:

  • The Sunday CBS show drew a rating of 5.85 million viewers, still off of the 6.18 million average of last season.
  • As the POV holder, Corey took himself off the block.
  • As the “secret” Roadkill winner (which really wasn’t much of a secret), Tiffany put Da’Vonne on the block as the replacement nominee. So either Tiffany, Da’Vonne, or Natalie will be evicted Thursday.
  • BUT…the evictee on Thursday only has to win one Battle Back competition, and thus has a 50/50 chance of returning just as quickly.

After the POV meeting, apparently (from word of mouth on the feeds), Day struck Tiffany in the face with her hair braids. Tiffany went to the DR to complain of a “hair assault” but that (fortunately) didn’t get far. Later in the day, Da’Vonne stole a pet toy gorilla Tiffany owns, just to continue the psychological warfare she started at the POV meeting.

It is almost a shame someone has that 50/50 chance of returning, as this vote really comes down to whether or not Tiffany goes or Da’Vonne goes. Each of them is gunning for each other, and I could see the vote being anywhere from 6-2 Tiffany out to 6-2 Da’Vonne being out.

I think it boils down to four “blocks” of two voters. Two seem to be certain votes to keep Tiff, two others solid to keep Day, and four leaning either way.

You have Frank and Bridgette, who will likely vote to evict Da’Vonne. Corey and Nicole are the second block of two, who will vote out Day if they know they have accomplices. Then you have James and Michelle, who seem to want Tiffany out, but could be swayed. (James and Michelle did have a back and forth Monday over how Tiff’s been treated in the house, so there’s that.) Then there’s Zakiyah and Paul, who I’d think are the least likely to vote out Da’Vonne as a favor to HOH Paulie, but Paul was considering throwing a hinky to vote Day out to pin that vote on others.

Late Monday night, Frank relayed to Nicole that he thinks James is on board with keeping Tiffany. The only problem with that is James told everybody else that he wants Tiffany gone today, so there’s a little subterfuge going on. That would make sense, though. James saved Vanessa once on BB17, Tiffany once this year, so I think the Roussos have run out of favors from him.

I’m not big into the “showmances” during the season, because I think most of them are for show. They sometimes have the feel of “arranged marriages” to me, although there have been occasions where love blossomed once couples got out of the house. Heck, I think Big Brother has had more marriages come from it than many other reality shows out there over the years. Bur if you ask me, I think the Paulie-Zakiyah relationship is the most stable currently. The Corey-Nicole and James-Natalie pairings seem much less so.

It’s going to be a long two days of feed watching, because the only thing sure right now is nothing’s for sure. Stay tuned.


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