BB18, Day 33: Paul The Double Agent

Bridgette (on the right) celebrated a birthday in the house on Friday, with the now departed Bronte on the left.

We’re now one-third of the way through the 18th season of Big Brother, with 66 days (scheduled) left to go.

Here are the highlights from yesterday:

  • Natalie and James are this week’s have-nots. Their slop supplementary foods are basil, baked beans, and baguettes.
  • Around noon BBT, the veto draw was held. Joining Paulie, Tiffany, Corey, and Natalie as this week’s “Veto Comedy Players” were: Paul and Da’Vonne.
  • Corey won the POV contest, some sort of puzzle game. If Corey removes himself from the block, Tiffany names the replacement nominee as the Roadkill winner.

Once again, we’re at a situation where Tiffany is dead to rights. But then again, we were just here a week ago. It’s a long way to Monday with this bunch, let alone the vote on Thursday. Maybe she can pull off another miracle, and even if she can’t, the house picked the wrong week to throw her out. All she has to do is win one Battle Back competition, a 50-50 chance, and back into the house she goes. If that happens, the house would have to do the same thing all over again.

Then, after the POV competition, the winds of change started blowing inside the house again, and it may have given Tiffany better odds to stick around. Day began getting nervous in the house, interrupting a conference in the Have Not room between James and Tiff. Day asked her a brief question, then left the room quickly, raising a red flag with the Florida teacher. She called Day “shady” to James, and you could see the wheels turning in her brain as the feeds frequently shifted to capture all the conferences inside the house.

A few minutes later, she looks right into the camera and says to us, “Day is going down.”

Tiffany and Frank then talk to Paul, but they have no idea Paul is actually a “double agent” who goes back to Paulie with his intelligence recon. Paulie and Da’Vonne plot their own sting operation to counter the plotting Tiffany and Frank are up to, including a fake fight between the reigning HOH and Paul to give the California apparel design cover to infiltrate further. Only time will tell who laughs last.

Who is winning the season so far, you ask? Unlike last year, when Vanessa had already established herself as the dominant houseguest, and the year before when Derrick was just starting to emerge, I have no idea who’s leading the pack this season. Maybe Michelle has the best all-around game, leading the movement to keep Tiffany last Thursday. Zakiyah has the best social game, approachable to everybody and for everybody. James seems to be in the best shape among the returnees. But, the distance between the best and the worst players this season is not all that much.

But really, it’s anyone’s game.


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