BB18, Day 32: The Beast Is Unleashed

“Big Meech” (Michelle) rapping earlier this week.

It was another day of extraordinary developments inside the house and in the world at large. Today, it was a military coup in Turkey that captured the news, pushing the events in France with a mass vehicular homicide that killed at least 84 people out of the lead story slot.

Inside the house, there’s been some significant changes in alliances and targets. Frank and Tiffany are now sharing information and working together. Read that last sentence again if you need to. Tiffany and the tandem of Da’Vonne and Zakiyah have now crossed swords (though it appear Tiff made up with each later). Nicole and Corey have now been exposed as being shady by Tiffany, if not others.

Let me run down the latest game developments:

  • Thursday’s ratings: an even 6 million total viewers watched the live show last night, still down a bit from their 6.18 million average last season.
  • Late Friday morning (early afternoon on the US East Coast), Tiffany and Natalie were nominated by the new and former HOH, Paulie. Tiffany is the target as of now.
  • In the Roadkill competition, Tiffany won, who put up Corey as their choice for nomination.

While Tiffany is still the favorite to be evicted in five days, her game no longer on life support with Frank and possibly Bridgette working with her now. In her verbal altercation with Da’Vonne Thursday night, she correctly deduced that the house was simply using her as a shield to mettle with Frank’s game. Truth telling in that house usually comes at a unannounced price, so I wouldn’t even doubt Day and Zakiyah will go at her to get her out as the days proceed.

Day wants the “showmances” broken up, which means she wants either James or Natalie gone, and/or Corey or Nicole gone. Maybe Paulie is in her sights as well to keep Zakiyah around. I’m guessing that she thinks she can be a peacemaker with whoever survives, but that could wind up being problematic for her and put her game at risk. Tiffany blowing up her game (as well as Corey and Nicole’s at least) may have significantly damaged her chances to get past the early jury evictions.

Friday night brought drama the live feeders weren’t allowed to see (WHY?), with Tiffany and Paulie having a confrontation. We saw the aftermath: Paulie totally flustered, and Tiffany telling Zakiyah that “the beast is unleashed” and that she’ll go out swinging this week if need be. In my view (and I am probably not alone thinking this), Paulie is WAY too obsessed with taking Tiff out. I guess he wants to be the only sibling to take out another sibling? Paulie: look at all the pieces on the chessboard, son. You don’t win the game just by just capturing the queen.

More tomorrow, with the Veto competition being played, and perhaps more drama afoot.


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