BB18, Day 31: Flip Flop And Fly

The BB18 houseguests in very few clothes, as revealed on social media yesterday. Talk about an awkward picture…

Before beginning today’s entry, let’s keep in perspective what’s going on in this house in Studio City, California. A game is being played. Who wins or who loses, it’s just a game, albeit a game with $500,000 on the line. It’s important to keep this in mind in light of this latest tragedy that has taken place in France last night that has extinguished the lives of so many people. It is my hope as a longtime fan of the show that you will keep what goes on in the house in it’s proper place and perspective. It is not life and death, as real life can sometimes be.


That said, on to the game.

I’ve been watching Big Brother since it began in 2000. Usually, I’m online, or in recent years, I’ve watched the live feeds and I’ve been writing this blog. Last night was one of those rare occasions that every now an then makes for a legendary night, as I had no clue who was going home. It likely wasn’t going to be Paul, but it could either be Bronte or Tiffany.

Over the last 24 hours leading up to the live show, it looked like Bronte would go after it appeared all week that Tiffany would go. But, I found it odd watching the feeds that Nicole kept wanting the vote to be 5-4 for Bronte to go home. If she really felt that Tiffany should be kept, why would what the vote tally would be matter? Did she have plans of her own to throw a hinky vote into the mix, and thus make the vote 5-4 for Tiffany, not Bronte, to be evicted? For that matter, could any one of the other eight voters deviate from their plans and pull off a blindside within a blindside?

As it turned out:

  • Bronte was voted out with 5 votes, Tiffany had 4, Paulie had none.
  • Day, Michelle, Zakiyah, Corey, and Nicole voted to evict Bronte. The others voted out Tiffany.
  • Bronte gets either Jozea, Glenn, or Victor in the third heat of the Battle Back. Whoever wins that meets next week’s evictee to decide who goes back into the house in the final heat.
  • Paulie once again won HOH, which saves Michelle, Bridgette, and most importantly Frank for another week.
  • Ratings for the Wednesday show: 5.894 million viewers, better than ABC’s ESPY Awards, but just over half of what NBC’s America’s Got Talent drew.

Once the feeds came on at just past 7:00pm BBT, arguments and whispers, as you can no doubt imagine with the blindside, ensued. Day and Frank were the main combatants, with Frank already calling Paulie’s shots, wanting Da’Vonne and Tiffany up on the block for nominations that take place later today. (Paulie’s noms appear to be Tiff and Natalie, with Tiffany the target.) Frank did not think initially that Corey and Nicole were on board to evict Bronte, but they were.

Saving Tiffany only appears to have delayed what is now likely inevitable. Unless she wins POV, a week from now she will once again be closing in on going out the door. This time, I don’t see a miracle saving her, because now there’s no Bronte around to keep her safe. It will give her a 50-50 chance at re-entering the house, but the mechanics of what the Battle Back winner gets are unclear. Will he or she also be immune from that week’s eviction?

Maybe that dead fish a couple of weeks ago was an omen, as even when the season has a seemingly can’t miss night, it winds up missing.


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