BB18, Days 29-30: Rescue Mission

2016-07-12-15.59.51-Cam 2
Suddenly, it really looks like Tiffany isn’t going anywhere.

Yesterday, I was saying that this season may have had the most boring opening month in show history, including the rather dreadful BB1. Now, things could be on the verge of changing.

They almost were at this point Tuesday afternoon, but on Wednesday night, the votes began to shift. It now looks Bronte will go home (or at least to the Battle Back comp) with at least five votes, quite possibly more. Even without James and Da’Vonne not being on board, the house has five votes to send the Colorado resident home, so I could see the vote being 7-2 for Bronte being gone.

Now, is it possible that the house might flip back before the live show? It very well could. Capturing the votes a day before the live show is kind of like an NFL team taking a small lead with a minute or so left in the fourth quarter: you’re giving that other team just enough time to steal the win back from you.

This is also clearly a “shock and awe” strategy to get at Frank, sending a message to him that he’s the next target. He’s a competitive beast, that’s for sure, based on his BB14 reputation. But force Frank to play socially, and his weaknesses as a player become quite obvious.

It’s a big shakeup, if it happens.


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