BB18, Days 27-28: Pee Break

2016-07-10-02.39.07-Cam 1.png
In this “Night Vision” shot of the house, Nicole (on the right) is walking away cross legged, having just told James (in the hat) and Paul (to James’s right) she had just peed herself. James reacted with several “Ew!” comments.

So here’s the latest chain of events:

  • As POV holder, Bridgette chose not to use the veto on Monday. The nominations stand pat and are now locked in: Tiffany, Paul, and Bronte.
  • Sunday’s ratings (the show that began to show Frank’s harassment of the house): 5.649 million viewers. Last week, the total viewers were under 5 million on the eve of July 4th.

Someone on Twitter asked how people would rate the show so far. I rated it 1.5 out of 5, because at least so far, it’s been dull, and I think my lack of entries so far this season hopefully reflects my attitude.

Even with the house beginning to catch on in pockets that Frank is the not-so hidden power of the house this season, getting him out might even turn out to be a dull endeavor, and not for reasons the house can possibly suspect. If they get Frank out on Day 37, the next eviction day after the current one, then he qualifies for the last Battle Back heat, and only has to win once to re-enter. Plus, we don’t know yet as viewers if the Battle Back gets any immunity from eviction for their win, which would automatically give them safety to make the jury if so.

Frank’s misogynist behavior continues inside the house, saying Monday morning that Natalie has, quoting him, “bologna nipples.” Odd for Frank to say this about Natalie, who I think has had breast augmentation done. Once again, Frank and his behavior are proving problematic for show producers, but imagine the problem they will have if they don’t kick him out, he makes a remark like this, and one of the girls kicks him in the groin or slaps his face.

Tiffany still looks like the dead duck about to lose her (figurative) feathers. Even Da’Vonne is seeing this and is protecting her a bit from the gravity of the situation somewhat. If we have a situation such as Day 54 (August 10th) of last year where James (or somebody) realizes they can weaponize Tiffany like he, Meg, and Jackie did with Vanessa last year, I would seriously be amazed. I think she’s toast, and even if she wins the Battle Back, she’ll be isolated and probably just as quickly gone.

When she’s not providing the house with some well needed comic relief, Nicole might lead the charge to keep Frank around as a number to keep in front of her, and others who feel similarly in the week ahead. That itself is similar to the James/Jackie/Meg scenario that played out last season, and I have my doubts if that’s a good strategy this time around. Might put Miss Nicole on a steeper path towards her own eviction.

If nothing new arises, I’ll be back on Friday with the latest, earlier if something comes up.


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