BB18, Day 26: Peanuts, Popcorn, And A Dream Crushed

2016-07-09-09.58.34-Cam 5.png
Day 25 in BB Land began with the Have-Not reveal.

The facts from Saturday were these:

  • Tiffany, Nicole, and Corey were the have-nots on the basis of being the first team completely eliminated in the HOH competition. They get peanuts and popcorn to go with their slop in the week ahead.
  • Joining Tiffany, Bronte, Paul, and Bridgette in the POV via the random draw were: Natalie and Paulie.
  • Bridgette then won the Power of Veto competition, making the second straight week that the HOH winner goes on to win POV.

Barring a miracle comeback (and this blog has seen a few of those in its history), Tiffany looks like a goner to me. The “Super Spy” alliance of Bronte and Natalie, along with a side deal with HOH Bridgette, played out all the strategy angles before the POV game this afternoon. Every scenario that they played out didn’t include one that could save Tiffany, and even if they did, the house might just go back at her in subsequent weeks, even if the house gets rid of Frank next week.

Bridgette planned to take Bronte off of the block on Monday, but the Colorado resident retracted the request after the POV competition, so it appears the nominees will now stay the same.

Tiffany’s only chance is to use her social game and influence the group not to vote her out, maybe tell Bridgette that Frank won the first Roadkill comp a couple of weeks ago. Even then, she has long odds, like a football team down 21 points with 3 minutes to go in the 4th quarter. Not impossible, but improbable.

But fear not, Tiffany-stans. Remember that she has a double bye in the Battle Back comp, meaning if she’s evicted, she will only have to win two heats to get back in the house.

Someone asked me yesterday if I was surprised that Frank was allowed to stay in the game with his “sexual harrassment-ish” of Da’Vonne Thursday night. I said no, I wasn’t surprised at all. Based on what has happened in the 17 past seasons, the show does not intervene unless someone is in immediate danger (Justin, BB2), someone is disrespectful to house property and/or is being obstinate (Scott, BB4, and Chima, BB11), or if someone is being violent (Willie, BB14). Outside of that, they allow people to be themselves, even if they are being jackasses. Frank was being a jackass, and he is no doubt aware of the fact that he needs to check himself. The matter was handled in house, which is the way BB likes to handle things.

He is who he is supposed to be, the son of a great professional wrestling villain.

That being said, when I watch the feeds and I see Frank, I tend to look for the other side of the feeds. I could barely tolerate him in BB14, and with “nothing to prove” in his own words, I think he’s a waste of space now. Hopefully, the mechanics of the game and those who play with him now treat him to a hasty departure.

Final thought: if the have-nots are getting food like peanuts and popcorn, what’s the point of having have-nots?


The houseguests spent the waning hours of Saturday speaking of Tiffany as if she was already gone, with Frank already basking in the glory of being the brains behind her execution. A week that had promise at the start now just appears to be another foregone conclusion to Thursday, and a show seeking excitement has once again been left empty handed.


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