BB18, Day 25: Young Frankenstein

Frank Eudy as he appeared four years ago on BB14.

On to the factoids:

  • Thursday’s ratings: 6.045 million viewers tuned in to the live show.
  • Bridgette nominated Tiffany and Paul for eviction.
  • Roadkill winner was Frank, who then nominated Bronte.

As I hinted at yesterday, the sexual harassment of Da’Vonne at the hands of Frank has taken center stage for the time being. (Or, what is being viewed by many as sexual harassment by many. I’m not a legal expert.) While Frank later apologized profusely for his actions, it is not hyperbole to say that this is a man who doesn’t respect women, nor treats them as his equals. Da’Vonne said afterward that he nearly slapped Frank in his latest indiscretion for slapping “Mama Day” on the buttocks. The incident took place at 1:26am BBT if you want to hear it, as it took place off of camera.

As CBS and production steered clear and quashed any uproar when all the racism comments where made in the house during BB15, I would (unfortunately) think that this sets the precedent that nothing is done to Frank here. That is, unless another incident were to take place. Someone on Twitter reminded me that there was an instance of sexual harassment in 1993 on the second season of The Real World which led to the eviction of cast member David Edwards, so there is precedent on reality TV as a whole for that. In a few days, I think this will be forgotten, unless he re-attempts any of his earlier misdeeds.

With the Roadkill comp over and done with, the POV looks like a must-win situation for Tiffany on the surface. But the reverberations of Frank’s actions last night may have ramifications down the line as the week progresses. Bridgette, for one, seemed ticked off last night. Possibly to the point where she might take her HOH reign away from Frank’s control once the POV decision comes on Monday.

Bronte, Tiffany, and Paul are your current nominees, which is exactly where things were a week ago.


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