BB18, Days 23-24: Victor Unvictorious (For Now)

Zakiyah and Paulie…

Once again, mysteries were abound going into last night’s live show, as a promo mentioned the long-used catchphrase of “Expect The Unexpected.”

What could it be? I thought the only thing it could mean was that the “teams” of BB18 would be declared kaput, and that the game would be “everyone for themselves” as it normally is. But later, the feeds showed the houseguests talking about a team drawing, so to that we say:


Here are the facts from last night’s show:

  • Victor was the third evicted, picking up 9 of the 10 votes. Paul voted for Bronte as the sole opposition vote, while Tiffany had this week’s clean slate.
  • Victor will face the Glenn/Jozea winner in the second heat of the Battle Back competition. The winner between those three faces next week’s evictee in the semifinal heat, who then faces who is evicted two weeks from tonight in the final heat.
  • In a tennis themed “crap-shoot” HOH competition, Bridgette won. That means Frank, Michelle, and Paulie are also safe.
  • Wednesday ratings: 6.099 million total viewers. Last night’s ratings yet to be known as this entry went up.

If you were a Frank fan, last night was good for you. If you’re a Tiffany fan, you’re probably worried. I think Bridgette will do Frank’s bidding and Tiffany will be the target. I’d think she puts Tiff up right off the bat, since the group thinks her nerves will get the best of her.

But, if Bridgette shuns everyone’s suggestions and does her own thinking, the target might be Michelle or Bronte.

Would have been a great feeds week had any of the other three teams won, but now that they have to abandon their laid plans now that Frank is safe, and fight for their own survival.

As for Victor, he dug his own grave by going after people so early, and the people he offended didn’t forget it. I still thought the votes might flip to Tiffany, but the group remained resolute to the original plan hatched last weekend. As the weeks pass, this group should get more and more stir crazy and make at least the attempt of a house flip. He does have the saving grace of only having to win three comps, which gives him a 1 in 8 chance of getting back in.

I had him being the first out, but he (tentatively) goes out third, so he overachieved in my book.

Other than all of that, it was business as usual. (Aside for Frank slapping Da’vonne on the rump, and “Mama Day” not too pleased about it.) Apart from Tiffany possibly going home in six days, it might just be another one-sided week in the house.


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