BB18, Day 22: Sisters, Unite!

2016-07-05-18.42.51-Cam 5.png
The quads in the early evening of Day 21.

I thought my next blog entry would be Friday, but business is picking up at long last.

Sixteen years ago last night was the first airing of Big Brother in the US on CBS. That night, 22,000,000 viewers watched this brand new show, airing after an episode of the red hot brand new reality show called Survivor. Kind of ironic that on July 5th of 2016, the game this season seems to have officially begun, with Da’Vonne making a series of moves to get the pulse of the house like a hospital nurse.

Frank being the unofficial ruler and emperor of the house has now pissed off most of the women in the house, who know want him gone next week. He’s now obsessed in getting Tiffany out before the jury much like Ahab was obsessed with capturing the great white whale, Moby Dick. Yesterday, he went on and on about knocking Tiffany out of the game pre-jury (not realizing she would have a chance to come back in during the Battle Back competitions) that Da’Vonne got her “Fatal Five” alliance together, minus Tiffany. Then, she and Tiff had a meeting and mended differences, hatching a plan to dispatch the cocky son of a pro wrestler next week.

There’s one flaw with the plan, and I think the “fog of war” has prevented Frank and HOH Paulie from seeing this as a viable option. Currently, Victor is the target, but also on the block sits Tiffany and Bronte. It would not be impossible for Frank and Paulie to shift targets to the Florida teacher, and if Corey, Paul, and Bridgette all got on board, that’s five votes. Five votes would ensure at least a tie vote, which Paulie in this case would break to evict Tiffany. But, this option has not entered into Frank’s or Paulie’s heads as of yet.

It’s baffling to me that Frank wouldn’t consider the option of getting rid of Tiffany now, considering that if you keep Tiff around and she takes the HOH, he’s in deep trouble. Even if Nicole or Corey win HOH, Tiffany can’t be nominated as she’s a teammate, unless teams are abandoned once Thursday comes.

The next blog entry will be no later than Friday. Could be sooner, now that there’s things to talk about.


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