BB18, Days 20-21: Sustainability

2016-07-04-00.54.26-Cam 3.png
A busy kitchen on the night of Day 19.

First, the factoids:

  • Paulie, as POV winner, removed Paul from the block.
  • Since Paulie was also this week’s HOH, he placed Victor on to the block, locking in the nominees this week as Tiffany, Bronte, and Victor.
  • Sunday’s ratings: 4.735 million total viewers. Could have been significantly lower because of the show airing on the eve of July 4th, but not a good sign.
  • Three of the houseguests have now spent two 4th of July holidays on the feeds: Nicole, James, and Da’Vonne.
  • James and Da’Vonne are now the first houseguests to be on the feeds two straight Independence Days.

I’m thinking Victor leaving on Thursday is, at this point, much more likely than Jozea’s eviction last week, even with Tiffany up and quite an inviting target for the more knowledgeable houseguests. It’s so much a done deal that the battle lines are already being drawn for the fourth evictee, with two schools of thought: to get rid of Frank before jury, and/or to get rid of Tiffany. They have to get rid of her THIS week of course, but a house flip isn’t looking like a thing yet, which they will regret if Tiffany is the next HOH.

At the center of all the pot stirring is Da’Vonne, who’s saying a lot of things to keep the group off-balance. She’s telling Tiffany that Frank is out to get her, and Frank that Tiffany is out to get him. This assumes that Tiffany and Frank do the least expected thing by teaming up and comparing notes. She was also the centerpoint of that rather bizarre drama Sunday night on the feeds, eventually having to call herself out for saying she overheard a Diary Room conversation that she said suggested that Tiffany and Paulie are in an alliance. Whether she did or not, who knows. I don’t think there’s a big conspiracy there, but I could be wrong.

I think we’ll see “showmances” pimped by production a bit more. James and Natalie may wind up being an item, but Nicole and Corey could wind up being the whirlwind romance of the season, as these two flirted a bit in the late afternoon of July 4th. They seem to enjoy each other’s company a lot, though. (Of course, Corey got caught looking at Frank last night in the HOH shower, so hopefully that doesn’t turn Nicole into BB9’s Chelsia: a girl flirting/dating a guy who is secretly gay/bisexual.)

Other than that, not much to see here. I’ll be back on Friday, unless events warrant sooner entries. These next few days should be quiet ones, and knowing this group, they will find a way to make it quieter.


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