BB18, Days 18-19: Paulie Walnuts

Actor Tony Sirico as Paulie “Paulie Walnus” Gualtieri on The Sopranos.

The facts of the past two days, picking up from when Paulie won HOH, are these:

  • Paulie’s nominees were Paul and Bronte, with the plan to put Victor up as a replacement nominee after the veto meeting.
  • Victor won the Roadkill comp, and was proud to reveal it and not keep it secret.
  • As the Roadkill winner, Victor nominated Tiffany as the third nominee.
  • Joining these four in the veto competition were Da’Vonne and Zakiyah, whom Paul chose drawing the “Houseguest’s Choice” chip.
  • Paulie won the veto competition, making him the first HOH/POV double winner in the same eviction cycle this season.
  • Da’Vonne, Paul, and Zakiyah are the Have-Nots this week for plucking the fewest berries during the HOH competition. They can only eat slop and…berries.
  • With Paulie winning POV, he will likely take Paul down and put Victor up in his place, setting up his likely eviction on Thursday.

The last couple of days, I have to admit that it’s been a bit of a bore. It just seems to me that there have been better times in the house, and that this group and the recycled house twists and dynamics aren’t garnering the usual amount of attention. Thursday’s ratings, usually a strong point of the season, only gathered 5.773 million total viewers, again well below their 6.18 million average last season. Once the Olympics in Rio start on NBC in August, it is likely the ratings would take a further hit.

It’s funny how a few hours before the live show on Thursday how Frank referred to Paulie as The Sopranos character Paulie Gualtieri. Much like that Paulie, BB18’s Paulie has sort of been serving as a top lieutenant under Frank, who’s pretty much been the Tony Soprano as sort of an unofficial “house capo” of the season so far.

Conversely, Victor’s move to put Tiffany up is brilliant, perhaps more brilliant than he possibly realizes. If she’s still on the block after veto, there’s definitely going to be a temptation there to oust her, not realize she has a one in five chance to return to the game via the BattleBack competition. Whoever goes on Thursday will only have to win three comps, where Glenn and Jozea have to win four.

Tiffany has been playing sister Vanessa’s game from last season to a tea, complete with pouting after being nominated, and finding reasons for everything. I still think that if she copies her sister’s strategy so completely, she will get picked off sooner rather than later. She said she’d bring a better social game to the house, but I’ve only seen that in dribs and drabs when she’s not interrogating the house for strategical guidance. Keep in mind that with 10 votes out there and three nominees, as little as four votes could evict someone in a 4-3-3 three-way split.

The toughest newbies in the house sound like the fish in the HOH room. When one of the fish in that tank passed on during the feeds Friday, the other fish cannibalized the deceased fish! Somebody on social media brought up that a fish dying is generally a bad omen that leads to misfortune. We’ll just have to wait and see on that front.

More on Tuesday, as this third eviction cycle keeps dragging on. I wish you all in the United States a happy Fourth of July.


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