BB18, Day 17: Redemption Song

2016-06-30-00.55.48-Cam 3.png
Tiffany was not a happy camper late Wednesday night after arguing with Frank. She then had a meltdown very reminiscent of her sister Vanessa, who was in the house a year ago.

I should probably begin with where I left off at yesterday.

Right around 12:54am BBT Thursday morning, Tiffany and Frank had a heated argument, but unlike Frank getting in his shot and moving on as was the case Saturday night, Tiffany fought back a bit. She then went on a Vanessa like rant, calling the BB14 vet a male chauvinist outside of his earshot. Nicole led the charge to attempt to cheer up the Florida teacher, but Tiffany was adamant that she didn’t want to talk to Frank as the night came to an end.

This confirmed to me that these two are not allies. More likely, they are two people who are aligned, who share the same goals, but not friends. Much like Austin and Vanessa last year, you might not see a game move made between these two today, or this week, or for several weeks. But, I’m pretty sure once one of these two has a “clean shot” on the other, poop will hit the fan, though it might happen sooner rather than later this season. A nice little subplot to watch as the weeks go by.

Thursday night, they apologized to each other, but we’ll see.

Going into last night’s live show, a surprise twist was being mentioned. I thought the possibilities were these:

  • A twin twist would be revealed: Vanessa and Tiffany have been swapping out, and will eventually play as separate entities. (Remote possibility, like a comet hitting the Earth kind of possibility. Vanessa hasn’t been sequestered, as has had YouNow chats since the show began.)
  • The “teams” will be discontinued. (More likely. The game seems good enough right now to where this twist is no longer needed.)
  • One of the early departing houseguests will be returning, like the twists of BB’s 3,6,9, and 13. (Very likely, but possibly too early, since only 2 HG’s are out of the game: Glenn, and whoever goes during the live show.)
  • The pre-season rumors that vote tallies will NOT be revealed to the house, and/or the HOH will have to vote, either in front of the house or in the DR, putting the houseguests under the assumption that the vote ended tied. (The most likely scenario, which logically explains the three nominees, so that a tie is possible each week.)

Social media tweets revealed the voting twist was coming, but didn’t reveal any sources. Speculation, but not confirmation. Then Julie revealed at the top of the live show that the revive-a-hamster twist was coming. The voting took place, and was revealed to the group. Jozea got 7 votes, sending him out the door. Paulie took 4 votes, and Bridgette was safest of them all with no votes.

After Jozea was interviewed, the revive-a-hamster competition (or better described: competitions) was announced. This will be a much more elaborate series of contest than BB has ever done before, called Battle Back. Glenn and Jozea compete in the first contest, the winner moves on to face whoever’s evicted next week, and so on until the four of the first five evicted lose. The winner at the end of the fourth Battle Back goes back in the house, so the later someone is evicted, the greater advantage they have. All four competitions air on a special Big Brother episode on July 22nd, three weeks from today.

The HOH competition was team based, and was one of those “put objects in a larger object” games we often see on BB, this time with houseguests negotiating balance beams to get berries, and the first team to 40 berries picks someone to get the “HOH” berry. Once that happens, the person who retrieves the HOH berry and successfully places it with their section is, you guessed it, Head of Household. If any of the houseguests fall off of the beams, they are out, and that team loses that person for the remainder of the competition. It was therefore possible for one team to win by default should all the other teams lose their members.

The show went off the air, and we all thought, as is usually the custom on our country’s Big Brother, that we’d get to see the rest of the competition unfold. When the feeds came back at 7:47pm BBT, the competition had already ended. Paulie had won HOH, which means Frank, Michelle, and Bridgette are also safe, everyone else is not, now that two evictions have taken place. Early on, it looks like Victor is the target, with Paul, Bronte, and Natalie also in the mix as possible nominees.

I have to tell you that I like the “Battle Back” competition concept, but I don’t watch Survivor, so I don’t know how “Redemption Island” played out. The revival of a houseguest before the jury phase isn’t new, but making it a running “ladder tournament” competition is. Whoever is the fifth evicted is going to have a huge advantage: that houseguest only has to win once, while Glenn and Jozea will have to win four times.

As for Jozea, he drew the ire of the house early on with his “Messiah” comments, and his disrespect of the military and July 4th didn’t help things either. I had him going early at the jury level, finishing 9th, but like Glenn, he has (temporarily perhaps) underachieved. He was the overwhelming favorite to go since the feeds came on, but now he knows he’s got another chance at it.

It doesn’t look like things will be all that exciting in the house this weekend. It should be a rather predictable outcome with one of the newbies going home on Thursday, it’s just a matter of who does go him. Back on Sunday to recap the nominations and comps.


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