BB18, Days 46-47: Pawn Stars


Paul, wearing one of Nicole’s bras.

The facts from the last couple of days are these:

  • Natalie won the first “America’s Care Package” which included the Never-Not pass. That also makes her ineligible to win the subsequent packages.
  • Paul nominated Bridgette and Paulie for eviction. Yes, you read that right.
  • Victor, Natalie, Corey join Paul, Bridgette and Paulie to play in the POV competition.
  • Zakiyah, Corey, and Paulie are this week’s Have-Nots. Their food supplements to go along with slop are trail mix and marshmallows. Natalie would have been in this group if not for her Never-Not pass.
  • Paulie then won his 2nd POV competition, and his 4th competition overall, counting his 2 HOH wins.

My interest in this season is waning, especially this week. The egos of both Paul and Paulie almost seem to be so big right now, it’s amazing they can each fit in the house. Their pawn strategy of putting Paulie up as an extra number to win POV could have easily backfired, but the “BB Gods” shined on their crew with a physical competition that favored the former soccer player.

Paulie, and let’s face facts, he’s pretty much running Paul’s HOH by proxy, seems to have been waffling Friday and early Saturday as to who he wants up as his replacement. He can axe Da’Vonne, as has been the goal for the longest amount of time. In the last few days, two new targets emerged: Natalie (who Paulie has been calling “FT’s” as in fake t**s) and Zakiyah, who Paulie has suddenly deemed needy and clingy.

It still looks like Paulie is leading the pack, but I think the whole specter of him being a pawn nominee shows off how much in command of the game he is to anybody else in the house paying attention. Other houseguests (for now, James and Natalie) have caught on to his control of the game. I don’t think he’ll have the ability to go all the way, with athletes traditionally lacking the social skills to finish the deal.

When Saturday night came around, it began to look like sanity had once again prevailed, and that Da’Vonne will be the replacement nominee come Monday.  The feedsters (us) wonder if the “Ocho Rios” clue to get the tickets in the Paris Room could mean that the holder of ticket 8 (which would be Da’Vonne) holds the round-trip ticket. We’ll see.

More by Tuesday, anything big happens, I’ll blog about it sooner.


BB18, Day 45: Rollerball


Bridgette appears to be the next target, but friends of the new HOH may have other plans.

Let me recap current events before commenting on them.

  • Frank was evicted 9-0, making him the last non-juror evicted (we think, since there was no formal announcement of this). He lasted a combined 106 days on his two seasons, and was the first veteran evicted.
  • He did NOT hold the “Round Trip” ticket. If no one holds the “Round Trip” ticket among the evicted by August 18, the remaining tickets are void.
  • Paul is the new HOH.
  • Corey, Natalie, Zakiyah, and Paulie will be the Have-Nots when that resumes at midnight BBT Friday.
  • Voting is underway until 10am BBT today for “America’s Care Package” with the houseguest receiving the most votes getting a “Never-Not Pass” to be immune from food penalties the rest of the year. Once a houseguest wins a package, they are ineligible for the remaining packages.
  • The second care package, with voting opening Sunday at 5pm BBT, is for the winner to void two of the eviction votes.
  • The next three packages get bigger and bigger. The third is getting a week’s immunity plus voting for someone to wear a costume for the week. The fourth package is Co-HOH with the privilege of picking a third nominee. The fifth and final package gives a houseguest the chance to offer a $5,000 bribe to another houseguest.
  • Ratings news on the #BB18ratings hashtag. Hey, I invented a hashtag!

Congratulations to Heath Luman and the stellar work he’s doing designing these competitions. However, I can’t help but notice that the HOH competitions that the live feeders would get to see in previous seasons are not being seen this year. So, what’s the point in having live feeds to begin with, again?

I only hope that when BB19 airs on CBSAA in the fall, if that happens, that we’ll actually get to see competitions on it, since there’s no TV show to compete against in all likelihood. Thus, no need to “protect” a TV show’s ratings.

My guess is Paul will be an insufferable HOH king, and houseguests are already competing to sit alongside Bridgette on the block. That’s right, people WANT to be on the block with Bridge to be an extra number to send her home. Early on, it looks like Nicole, Corey, or Paulie could be the pawn.

The week could still produce intrigue, as there’s a confluence of interests amongst Paul’s inner circle. Paul wants to finish the job and get Bridgette on her merry way to jury. Paulie, as capo di tutti capi of the house, wants Da’Vonne up and out. That brings up the chance of there being dissension in the ranks in the house, or so I hope, anything to week the makings of a one-sided week more entertaining would be welcomed.

Nominations later today, veto competition tomorrow…the road to Day 99 keeps marching on, although this year, it feels like a death march.

BB18, Day 44: Unnecessary Roughness


Nicole takes a pic of the remaining six men in BB18. From left to right: Frank, Paulie, Paul, James, Victor, and Corey.

The latest from Andy Denhart over at Reality Blurred continues to suggest that a fall season will be at hand once the current season ends. It should go 9 to 10 weeks (which would put the ending of the season sometime in December, and might break the shortest season record of 71 days set with BB10) and that the show will air on the CBSAA app, perhaps exclusively.

Inside of the house, Paul worked hard yesterday to drive a fake wedge between Bridgette and Frank. The tattooed California native kept implying to Bridgette that Frank shouldn’t be trusted at all. I thought the move was an act of cruelty for Paul to work Bridgette up in such a manner with the votes for Frank there to send him home. I suppose the reason why Paul is doing this is just in case Frank has that golden “round trip” ticket in his hands. However, having one ally is just a step above having none, so why bother?

I’m not saying Frank’s “bullying” in recent weeks was right. I’m just saying that Paul shouldn’t drag himself down to that level. That’s why you don’t corner a wounded animal. Frank tried to reason with Bridgette later in the morning, but the California nurse was in a child-like funk. If Frank goes, I still think the odds are good Bridgette self-evicts if the breaks don’t go her way in the week ahead. She seems to want to be anywhere but on that set in Studio City, or so I thought early yesterday.

Wednesday night carried an unusual amount of anxiety for a vote expected to be so one-sided in favor of Frank’s removal. Most of the house seemed more nervous than whores in a church. They all beat their collective chests (figuratively), boasting in their little circles who they’d put up if they won HOH.

Natalie said it best last night, most of the people in this group are spineless. They play Big Brother by not playing Big Brother, demanding to know every move someone plans to make. I have no doubts this group will miss Frank if he leaves, which has an 11 out of 12 chance of happening tonight.

BB18, Day 43: Rumors Of Future Campaigns

2016-07-25-03.09.46-Cam 5

Scenes from the house meeting on Day 40…

It is rare during the BB season when the rumor mill is more interesting than the game itself. Big news came twice on Tuesday morning before the feeds began. One involved a former houseguest, the other involved a future season being perhaps MUCH closer than we think.

Confidence is high (at least as of this writing) that one of the housemates on Celebrity Big Brother will be Frankie Grande, who appeared on BB16 two seasons ago. If that rumor is true, he’d be the first of the 224 houseguests to appear on a foreign version of the show as a full-fledged contestant. I didn’t think much of Frankie personally, but he might fit in well with the British culture and do well, so I wish him luck.

The other piece of news totally blew me away.

Andy Denhart over at Reality Blurred is reporting that the 19th season of Big Brother is closer than we think. By meaning closer, I mean it will be starting in September of THIS year, right after the current season ends.

That left me perplexed, because I didn’t see Big Brother on the fall calendar CBS has already put out. As Denhart is reporting, it is unknown whether or not Season 19 would air on CBS at all, or on Pop TV, or exclusively on the CBS All Access app.

Further, could this mean the current season might end before September 21st? I would imagine BB19 would have to end before Christmas and not extend into 2017, but that is just my guess.

Big Brother for Halloween, Election Day, and Thanksgiving? It would seem on the surface to be a good thing. It may not turn out to be that way.

We’ve had an off-season season before in 2008, when BB9 aired in the winter and spring due to a writers strike, and many feedsters considered that season it a classic full of drama and copious nudity. Could a BB19 capture “lightning in a bottle” and be the classic oddity BB9 was? We may find out soon.

On the feeds, it was a quiet day. I think of Tuesdays as “socialization days” with the HOH whipping out the provided digital camera and writing their blog entry. As I write this, Paul (who’s been very worked up the past few days) is trying to drive a wedge between Frank and Bridgette. It still looks like Frank is the one going home, but the guys just might be taking his temperature to see if they can work with him and discard Bridgette instead.

With this group, you never know.

BB18, Days 41-42: That’s The Ticket


Twitter handle @BBFeedster found this nice picture of the Departures board that heavily influenced the gathering of clues to ope the secret room.

Facts and figures first:

  • POV holder Michelle did not use the veto, so the nominations of Frank and Bridgette stand pat.
  • After several days of nobody smelling the clues to the secret door with a possible “hidden power” at stake, a flurry of activity began late Monday afternoon. Paul found the secret room first at around 5:40pm BBT.
  • The secret room contained 12 tickets inside envelopes. One of them contains the phrase “round trip” inside, the other 11 are bogus. The ticket cannot be opened until whoever holds the ticket is being interviewed by Julie Chen after their eviction. If they hold the “round trip” ticket, they gain re-entry into the house.
  • Then, Victor and Corey soon cracked the code themselves and retrieved theit own tickets. The feeds then went to fish, and everyone had a ticket when the feeds returned several minutes later.
  • If whoever is evicted on Thursday does not have the winning ticket, the remaining 11 would make jury.
  • Sunday’s ratings were much higher: 6.27 million total viewers.

The group had a house meeting late Sunday night (or early Monday morning) in the HOH room, as several members of the house wanted to clear the air so that there’s no hysteria later in the week. Frank was told the votes were there for him to go home, with Paulie speaking up and setting things straight as sort of the group captain. That gesture there should have smartened up the house that Paulie is running the game quietly, much like Derrick did on BB16.

That continues the trend that was set early in the season to get rid of soft targets, players who can’t win competitions (though Frank won 2 Roadkill comps) but have rabble-rousing skills. It would have been nice if the beans weren’t spilled to Frank, but he got respect from the rest of the group by being told, which may just be the ultimate show of respect.

Frank and Bridgette then “dumped” all of their information to Da’Vonne, mainly that Nicole shouldn’t be trusted. Harnessed correctly, Da’Vonne could ride that lightning bolt and stay in the game well into September.

We’ve never had a bona fide “self evict” in show history before, with Neil and Dick leaving BB9 and BB13 respectively under extenuating circumstances. Could Bridgette be the first if the next eviction cycle show go against her? She and Michelle finally had their long-awaited argumentative clash on Monday, but each stood their ground, with Michelle refusing to apologize for earlier remarks and Bridgette wanting to make amends.

Unlike other countries, if you quit the CBS version of BB against production’s wishes, you are excommunicated from their empire. Being a nurse and the income that might come with it, would Bridgette care about all of that? Tough to tell.

With everyone grabbing a ticket Monday night, it could make for some messy situations on Thursdays. If the show does a double eviction, it would be chaotic if the first person out that night holds the winning ticket. (Though I’m pretty sure production would know who the winning ticket-holder is.) For that matter, what is the person evicted in third place has the ticket? Or second?

The next blog entry will be no later than Friday, earlier if developments should warrant it.

BB18, Days 39-40: Victor Beats The Odds


I liked the Battle Back belt. It was a nice added touch.

A lot to go over, so let’s get to it:

  • As you know by now, Victor won the Battle Back and re-entered the house. Jozea beat Glenn in the opening round, then Victor defeated Jozea, Bronte, and Tiffany to earn another chance at the 500K.
  • There is a puzzle for the group to now solve. The first person to find access to a “secret room” may win a hidden power. But to do so, the puzzle must be solved within the next four weeks.
  • While the feeds were off, an HOH endurance competition was held, which went over five hours. It was won by James. (Remember, no more teams, so he’s the only one safe.)
  • James then nominated Frank and Bridgette. (Remember, it’s just two nominees from here on out.)
  • Da’Vonne, Michelle, and Nicole were drawn to play in POV, along with James, Frank, and Bridgette.
  • The POV contest itself didn’t start until almost 9pm BBT due to excessive heat warnings and/or bad air quality due to brush fires just north of Studio City. When it finally began, Michelle won the annual OTEV-themed competition.

It’s been a frustrating couple of days to be a BB fan. The nearly 30-hour feed outage, that was a given to attempt to give the Battle Back show a big rating (which wasn’t all that great: 5.28 million, check #BB18ratings for ratings updates), but it also turned out we missed out on a long endurance HOH contest. That will likely be condensed into about 15 minutes worth of TV show footage. But hey, that’s been par for the course from CBS and production the last couple of seasons: to NOT give us what we pay for.

James’s picks being Frank and Bridgette were a bit of a surprise to me, but if you watched last year, you know that when James is HOH, his decisions are not thought out all too well. I’m sure, as he did last year, that he will rationalize that on this show, you can bounce checks. The move would have made sense if the couples were closely aligned. While I think things could still go that direction, they are not there yet. It just seemed to be a move to protect his “showmance” partner Natalie, and she might wind up getting put in the line of fire because of it.

Frank seemed to think at first that he wasn’t the target. Guess what, bud? You are. With POV won by Big Meech, his only chance is to get to work finding clues to the secret room. Otherwise, he is done. Meanwhile, Michelle whooped it up after her POV win like she and her buddies had won the Super Bowl, or at least clinched a divisional title in Major League Baseball.

Random thought: if Paulie isn’t taken down in July or August, he may just win it all in September.

The season is trying to find a new gear now that Battle Back is (for now) gone, and they hope that this “hidden room, secret power” jazz will keep interest as the Olympics on NBC draw closer. Personally, the next few weeks will be good TV, or (the more likely result) the season turns into a total train wreck.

For now, it looks like Frank will go, not with a bang, but with a whimper.

BB18, Day 38: Back To Basics

2016-07-21-15.12.27-Cam 3.png

Bridgette speaks with Tiffany a few hours before the live show.

It took 18 seasons and a total of 601 episodes, but something happened last night that hadn’t happened before in show history. The reigning HOH, a brother of a former houseguest, has led the execution of a houseguest whose sister was also a former houseguest. That is, at least for now.

The details:

  • Tiffany was evicted with all 8 votes cast for her.
  • The Battle Back field is now set: Glenn vs. Jozea in round 1, the winner vs. Victor in round 2, the winner of that vs. Bronte in round 3, and the survivor faces Tiffany in the last round. Whoever wins moves back into the house.
  • Julie told the houseguests that the “teams” and the Roadkill competition have each been discontinued, and that the game is back to being classic Big Brother.
  • HOH was not played on the live show, so that should mean whoever wins Battle Back will be eligible to compete for it, and could also wind up being out of the house again next week.
  • Next week’s live show will have just one eviction, but there should be a double eviction in the next week or two if what’s been done in the more recent seasons holds up.

It looked for the world that Tiffany had a fighting chance to stay in the house up until the last 24 hours. When Nicole told Frank that the votes weren’t there, even Frank and Bridgette fell back and made the vote unanimous, 8-0-0. She played sister Vanessa’s game to the end, slightly more social, but a lot less competitive.

I was surprised Da’Vonne gloated so much in the taped message, although I think production may have put her up to that to keep the “feud” going between these two should Tiffany re-enter. Remember, Tiffany only has to win once, and we won’t know until tonight what those contests entail.

More for you in a couple of days, as the live feeds will be down until midnight East Coast time. There shouldn’t be anything substantive news-wise until Battle Back tonight, so go out and enjoy yourselves.