BB18, Days 46-47: Pawn Stars

The facts from the last couple of days are these: Natalie won the first “America’s Care Package” which included the Never-Not pass. That also makes her ineligible to win the subsequent packages. Paul nominated Bridgette and Paulie for eviction. Yes, you read that right. Victor, Natalie, Corey join Paul, Bridgette and Paulie to play in […]

BB18, Day 45: Rollerball

Let me recap current events before commenting on them. Frank was evicted 9-0, making him the last non-juror evicted (we think, since there was no formal announcement of this). He lasted a combined 106 days on his two seasons, and was the first veteran evicted. He did NOT hold the “Round Trip” ticket. If no […]

BB18, Day 44: Unnecessary Roughness

The latest from Andy Denhart over at Reality Blurred continues to suggest that a fall season will be at hand once the current season ends. It should go 9 to 10 weeks (which would put the ending of the season sometime in December, and might break the shortest season record of 71 days set with BB10) […]

BB18, Day 43: Rumors Of Future Campaigns

It is rare during the BB season when the rumor mill is more interesting than the game itself. Big news came twice on Tuesday morning before the feeds began. One involved a former houseguest, the other involved a future season being perhaps MUCH closer than we think. Confidence is high (at least as of this […]

BB18, Days 41-42: That’s The Ticket

Facts and figures first: POV holder Michelle did not use the veto, so the nominations of Frank and Bridgette stand pat. After several days of nobody smelling the clues to the secret door with a possible “hidden power” at stake, a flurry of activity began late Monday afternoon. Paul found the secret room first at […]

BB18, Days 39-40: Victor Beats The Odds

A lot to go over, so let’s get to it: As you know by now, Victor won the Battle Back and re-entered the house. Jozea beat Glenn in the opening round, then Victor defeated Jozea, Bronte, and Tiffany to earn another chance at the 500K. There is a puzzle for the group to now solve. […]

BB18, Day 38: Back To Basics

It took 18 seasons and a total of 601 episodes, but something happened last night that hadn’t happened before in show history. The reigning HOH, a brother of a former houseguest, has led the execution of a houseguest whose sister was also a former houseguest. That is, at least for now. The details: Tiffany was […]