BB18, Day 7: The Habitat

The one thing you will likely never hear me complain about is the design of the house. As long as these guys and girls have a roof over their head, and the house doesn’t have any big-time problems, I just don’t tend to notice it. To me, not to diminish the work done every year, […]

BB18, Day 6: Ranking The Returnees

The only thing we know for sure about what happened yesterday in the house: it was pretty darn hot! Los Angeles, along with a good chunk of the southwestern United States, was in a major heat wave, with the thermometer in Studio City closer to 110 than 100. (Nearby Beverly Hills hit 112 Sunday.) I […]

BB18, Day 5: Rounding Out The Newbies

Nothing new in the news about how the game is faring, in fact it’s likely we won’t know anything before Wednesday night. But don’t worry, I still have plenty to talk about, including analyzing the last three newbie houseguests. If you don’t see you favorite here, check over the past few days, as I’ve already […]

BB18, Day 4: Baffled By Bronte

Continuing to analyze the 12 newbie houseguests before moving to the rumored four returnees: I’ll be honest, I don’t know what to make of Bronte D’Acquisto, the Denver student. If you’ve ever read BB10 winner Dan Gheesling’s book about how to get into the reality TV genre, you know that Big Brother producers love to […]

BB18, Day 3: Down Goes BOB!

Before moving on to the analysis of the next three houseguests, word came down yesterday that show producers have gotten rid of that horrible Edsel of a twist, the Battle Of The Block. That gimmick will be replaced with another comp that will take place during the week right after the nominations on Friday in […]

BB18, Day 2: Time To Analyze

With a bit of time on our hands before the “TV show” version of Big Brother begins on June 22nd (Day 8), I’m going to do some analysis on each of the 12 new houseguests, three per day over the next four days. Confidence remains high that the returning houseguests will be Frank, Nicole, James, […]

BB18, Day 1: Meet The Newbies

Did you feel it? Did you feel that rush of tweets on Twitter and posts on Facebook racing by around 2pm on the East Coast? There were a lot of rumors and expectations this year, but from what I can see, the rumors from the most reputable sources proved correct. Here’s the list of the […]