BB18, Day 16: Stuff Our Houseguests Say

Bronte with Natalie, right before Bronte said of James: “I will send you (James) back to Hong Kong.”

Well, like it or not, here we go again. I’m hoping this is just a mere detour down the BB15 road, and not a total trip back to that season.

The headline from yesterday came late on Tuesday night and/or early Wednesday morning when Bronte and Paul each had made racially insensitive remarks against James. Late in the afternoon, Bronte’s sister took the extraordinary measure of apologizing for her sister’s remarks last night on her Twitter handle. It was refreshing to see Bronte’s family grasp the value and magnitude of what had happened, probably aware of what happened three years ago.

I accept their apology, and I for one will accept the apology at face value. I certainly do NOT condone my fellow fans calling workplaces regardless of what was said, attempting to get contestants fired from their jobs. That’s just flat out stupid. If you have to do that, then something is wrong with YOU, and you’re not under those bright TV lights in Studio City as THEY are.

The way I see it, Bronte said something wrong, and the people in Bronte’s life will deal with it. That’s fine with me, and the rest of us should just move on.

The vote still looks like Jozea will be evicted. But, with Da’Vonne scheming last night, could she throw a hinky into the mix tonight? That would take Jozea’s seven votes and turn them into six, which is still the majority needed for eviction. Might be nothing, might wind up being a plot twist for the coming eviction stage if “Mama Day” can blame that hinky vote on someone else successfully.

The newbies must not have watched the show last year, as they seem fed up (especially Victor) with James and his practical jokes. Early in the day yesterday, James and Victor exchanged words once more, with James trying to get the Louisiana gym owner to lighten up. If I were James, I’d simply play more practical gags on him just to keep him irritated. Like Sun Tzu said, “If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him.”

Lighten up, guys. Enjoy your stay, even if the game doesn’t go your way.

Michelle had a bit of a panic attack in the lounge by herself yesterday before being consoled by Frank. The two of them have been in “pixel suits” for over a week, and that hasn’t sat well with the Michigan super fan, who seems to have body issues despite (from what I could tell) a decent body for a woman in her early 20’s. I don’t get why producers had to throw a punishment like that at the group so early in the season, and I generally don’t get why we still have the whole Have Not thing. Just strikes me as incredibly stupid, and I’d rather see everybody’s strategic play without any kind of food handicaps or humiliation.

Shortly thereafter, production gave the go ahead for Frank’s team to remove their pixel suits, and resume wearing normal clothes.

That’s pretty much it for yesterday. Today has gotten off to a rousing start, including Jozea catching wind that he’s on the hit list, and another squabble between Tiffany and Frank. More on that tomorrow.

Happy birthday, Nicole!


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